I apologise about the lateness of this post! These last few days have been so manic I've barely been able to keep up with Paris or Milan. But I have still done my research, and these are a few of my faves from Milan this season.

Moschino is always an exciting and vibrant show to watch and I consistently look forward to seeing what eclectic vibrancy Jeremy Scott has in store for us. With previous shows championing the likes of Barbie, it was little surprise to see characters from Looney Tunes making an appearance on the runway, although no less of a treat. With models such as Gigi Hadid and Malaika Firth taking part, it was good to see so many revered models having fun with Jeremy's collection: something which I think Moschino is all about. These are just a few of my favourite looks from the show, exemplifying extreme colour blocking (using primary colours which seems to be the colour scheme of the moment), edgy elegance (ball gowns covered with graffiti was very clever), ultimate sporty-chic (pale denim with an asymmetric white sports-bra crop with plenty of bling) and the plunging black denim dress with the trainers, oozing femininity and edge at the same time.

Dolce and Gabanna are a personal favourite of mine because I absolutely adore the passion they have for their work and I think that absolutely shines through in their clothes. This show was exceptional and classic D&G: Mediterranean glamour and sensuality with lashings of sultry red flowers blooming in the elegant black. But of course, the principal focus of this show was on mothers with models walking the runway with their children and indeed whilst pregnant. Aside from the emotional poignancy of the show and the oohs and aahs of seeing the mother being portrayed so well through the show, the quality of the clothes was superb, right down to the flowers being carried in the bags of some of the models (a nice touch). The hair and make up was also paired very well with the clothes and I love that an outfit that is primarily all black with intricate lace detailing can be received with the same awe as their fantastically crafted masterpieces adorned with gold and floral embroidery.

From the cartoonish appeal of Moschino to the richness of Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi was a definite palette cleanser of sleek tailoring, minimalist lines and crisp colours. Karl Lagerfeld, the King of the White Collar, made no secret of his love affair with the white shirt and sent it down the runway in many different forms, as well as using the Fendi poster girl Lindsey Wixson to showcase an impressive fur coat and suitably paired bag and shoes- what is Fendi if not accessories experts? As someone who can appreciate and wonder at the pop art nature of Moschino and adore the decadence of Dolce and Gabbana, I am much more of a Fendi fiend so much that the simple elegance, city chic and impeccably executed minimalist style appeals to me in an easygoing, laid-back, 'just-nipping-out' sort of beauty that can only come with Karl's Parisian touch. Whilst Dolce and Gabbana is a showstopping and exquisite label for turning heads on red carpets and drawing attention by its beautiful embroidery, Fendi will surely turn just as many heads as you nonchalantly walk down the street in its soft cream coats and sharply structured shirts.

Which was your favourite show from this fantastic Milan Fashion Week? I hope you enjoyed my take on some of my favourites and I apologise for the tardiness again. I will try and post my Paris Fashion Week verdict by next weekend.

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