My Designer Desires

Partly due to my lack of inspiring ideas for posts recently and partly due to my champagne tastes and beer money, I thought that my lusting after expensively priced clothes would make entertaining reading (after all, what's Vogue for?)
£2,245 (!)
This is number one on my list of things I can't afford but daydream about. I mean, two-grand on a rucksack is a hella lot of money but hey, if you got that sort of money in your rucksack fund then why not spend it on Chanel? I would. I just love it, like if I could just win the lottery this would be my first designer purchase for sure. Oh how I envy those rich teens in a parallel universe.
This is haute couture so I don't even have a figure for this
Just marvel at this dress in all it's glory. Soak it all in. High fashion at its finest, Elie Saab does it again. Watch the whole s/s show if you can because every single dress that goes down that runway is to-die-for. This is the sort of dress I can only dream about: I have no occasion to wear such finery. But if, hypothetically, I was a wealthy, public school girl, this would be prom dress of choice. Imagine requiring such a high standard of prom dress. Imagine acquiring a dress like this at all. 
£1,100 for the Alexa in this colour
Who doesn't want a Mulberry handbag? And this one is pretty beautiful. This is probably the more achievable aim, one day I will own my own Mulberry handbag, I probably will never own a fresh-from-the-catwalk Elie Saab gown. There is something timelessly sophisticated about a Mulberry handbag and if there was a list of classic designer staples, it would be somewhere between Chanel No. 5 and a black pair of Christian Louboutins. I would save for years if I had to to be able to buy one of these lovelies. I always think that a decent handbag can make any outfit. The handbag can turn an outfit from casual to chic or practical to celebratory. And this handbag, this would never leave my side.

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