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So I'm already over halfway through my bottle of Jimmy Choo Flash (the scent that's got me through the winter months) and it's a bit of an emotional time (obviously). But thankfully, while dad was on his travels, he managed to bring me and my mom back a lil something. Mom got a bottle of Coco Chanel and I got a wonderful bottle of Dolce & Gabbana's new fragrance: Dolce. Not too shabby.
This perfume is probably my new best friend. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of beautiful fragrances around for spring (I definitely recommend Brit Rhythm by Burberry) but this one is beautiful. It comes in a really, really pretty bottle, which is always a plus for me. How could you walk past a bottle with a flower on the lid? I know I just can't, every single time I see a bottle of one of Marc Jacobs' perfume. But in my opinion, Dolce is a lot better for summer than one of Marc Jacobs' perfumes (sorry).
It's eau de parfum so it lasts all day long (woohoo). And it smells so pretty. It's really fresh and uplifting but with a hint of sweet. That's what I want from a summer perfume: something that matches the weather (or at least what the weather should be like) and this to me definitely smells like sun, flowers and the beach. If you've seen the advert for Dolce, that is what the perfume smells like. A hot day in Italy, surrounded by flowers and orange trees. It's a really beautiful fragrance, a really uplifting scent and I would definitely recommend you guys trying and buying it! A brand new perfume in time for summer is just what is needed to help you transition from your winter persona and into your summer one. Is it weird how wrapped up I can get about perfume? :)

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