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It's starting to feel more and more like spring now, which is great because not only does it give me the excuse to start hunting for a new wardrobe, but it means that it's even closer to the season we all wait for: summer. 
It started with this humble pair of sunglasses by Komono from Urban Outiftters (my haven). I had a UO voucher to spend and so, to make it up to the total on the card, I just had to buy some earrings too. I think I've got a bit of a sunglasses obsession, and I don't even have much need to wear them.
£16 from Urban Outfitters (can't find them on the web, soz)
Another favourite recent purchase of mine is this kimono from Hollister. Kimonos have sprung up everywhere all of a sudden and this Hollister one is gorgeous, I think. I just love the colour and the pattern and I think it is absolutely perfect for summer! I can't wait to be able to throw this over my bikini and walk along a beach like I'm in some sort of glamorous film. Bring on the beach weather just so I can wear this! I'm a lil bit excited about it really!
£44 from Hollister
For those of you that have read my wishlist post (which you can read here) you will know which beautiful bag I am referring to when I say that I have bought it and it is finally mine! Topshop really is a treasure trove sometimes. I am a bit in love with this bag yes, and I have no shame in it. If you have that item of clothing that makes you feel like a sophisticated socialite in a cosmopolitan city even when you live in chav-ville, you'll know why I love this bag so much!
£40 from Topshop
These shoes are probably my holy grail of recent buys. I can't tell you how long I've been searching for a pair of shoes like these, or how long I spent dreaming about them once I'd finally found them. The benefits of saving my other Urban Outfitters vouchers from my birthday were rewarding! There's nothing better than a nice pair of shoes that give you that added height without making you feel like Bambi on the ice. They are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever owned so I recommend anyone who needs a new pair of shoes to look no further than Vagabond.
£75 from Urban Outfitters
 Sorry again for the delay between posts, but I hope my purchases inspire you to go forth and spend all you got this payday!

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