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I'm about to make a confession that could either make me plummet in your estimations or rise higher in your esteem. Either way, please stay with me on this one.  I love Made In Chelsea. I mean I really love it, it consumes my Monday evenings. It makes me aspire to one day be rich and living in Belgravia. I get emotionally invested in their lives and relationships. Sad right?
However, it's not just the drama factor that I love about it, it's the aesthetics of it all. The way it's filmed, where they go, what they're wearing, how their hair and make up is done. And so when I recently discovered that Binky (Alexandra Felstead) had released  her own line of nail varnishes it was welcome news to me. I'm not sure they're being stocked in Boots or anywhere like that yet, but they are available online here.
Oxford St Orange
Marylebone Mint

Baker Street Blue
The collection plays host to charmingly named colours, named after London districts and streets, such as some of my favourites Baker Street Blue, Marylebone Mint and Oxford St Orange. It seems the colours in the range are very bright and vibrant which is perfect for summer. But as well as the usual bright colours, there is also a line of gel effect polishes (my personal favourite shade is Chelsea Coral), metallic polishes, textured glitter polishes (flash sale on the silver shade right NOW), specialty top coats (such as frosted, pearl and matte) and, probably the most exciting idea, denim effect nail polishes. There are only two shades in the denim effect nails, a blue and a black, but we all know that denim has a limited colour scheme. These ones are slightly more expensive (£5.95 rather than the £4.95 price tag of the other colours) but hopefully that's indicative of the quality of the effect it gives.
Even though I haven't yet tried any of these colours, I plan on ordering a couple soon which might change my  first impressions. However, I'd guess that these are probably mid-range of the high street, around the Barry M or Models Own mark, so although they might not be the longest lasting and most expensive out there, they certainly offer attractive colours and reasonable lasting time.
I'm probably biased too, because I do tend to make notes on her outfits and make up when Binky comes on screen, so if these nail varnishes are created and endorsed by Binky, I think I've already pre-judged them.
Is anyone planning on purchasing a few of these?

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