Spring Nails

Last day of school for two weeks woohoo! I can not tell you how much I need this break because I have almost literally been working my arse off for six weeks straight so to all students breaking up today: let's celebrate together! 
Ok, so we broke up at 12.30 which gave me and my friend Ana the perfect excuse to go out and pamper ourselves with (admittedly fairly economical) manicures. I can't remember the last time I had my nails done so this was a very welcome break. I'm off to Bristol for a couple of days soon anyway, so at least my nails are holiday ready.

 I thought I'd choose a sort of light, duck-egg blue shade this time round because hey-it's spring. I've never tried a shade as pale as this but I am quite fond of it really, it makes me feel fresh and positive (how cringe I know). I don't know if you saw the ELLE cover with Suki Waterhouse on the cover, but I fell in love with, not just her hair, make up, outfit and general appearance, but her nails. Rounded almond shaped nails with a duck egg blue. And I guess this is what I subconsciously opted for!

 Accidental colour co-ordination today! All in all, I'm quite happy with finally having nails that aren't embarrassingly long and crooked. What are everyone else's nails looking like this spring? Have a fab Easter everyone!

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