Casual in Clifton


Sunglasses- Komono from Urban Outfitters (can't find them online but they're in store)
Necklace- gift
I'm back from my jollies in Clevedon! These were the only half-decent photos taken of me on the day when we went to Clifton (and to be honest I don't know what my hand is doing with that tree on the first picture anyway). Clifton was pretty fab and I think the weather made it better. I mean really, was this weather even British?

 Pretty scenic huh? Who knew England scrubbed up so well? This was such a lovely day, the fact that I bare-legged it with my dungarees pretty much proves that the weather was fiiine. My cheeks, although surprisingly chubby, seem a lot less red than they actually were that day. Perks of a decent camera I suppose! Hope you're all enjoying the weather and your Easter holidays!

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