Hemsley Hemsley: The Art Of Eating Well

I am converted. I have gone from a gluttonous rampage in Manchester of peanut butter milkshakes and BBQ brisket to cooking baked, almond-crusted chicken with kale and courgette salads (that's right: two salads). And why? The Art Of Eating Well is the answer.

For the last year or so I have become increasingly aware of health: I'm not unhealthy nor am I overweight, but like everybody I am never satisfied and have been set on the idea of eating more of the good stuff and toning up those abs, especially as summer approaches. Plus, I've always been a bit of a keen cook and well up for experimenting in the kitchen, so when I first saw Hemsley Hemsley mentioned on Vogue's website it definitely piqued my interest. Being able to enjoy fried chicken without the batter, breadcrumbs or indeed the frying seemed like an impossible dream, which sparked me to purchase their new cookbook.

So far, I've only tried a few recipes from the book and seeing as school has started again I'll probably struggle to find the time to try out that many more, but what I've tried so far has been delicious. It's actually refreshing to find healthy recipes that aren't based on zero-fat ingredients but instead on the natural stuff which is the best for us, which makes sense.

So what can I recommend? Firstly we tried courgetti (courgettes cut on a spiralizer that resembles spaghetti) with a beef ragu which was a winner. We did have it with bread and oil which I guess isn't the gluten-free dish the sisters had envisaged, but I'm only human! After reading through the book more throughly I was so looking forward to trying out some more of their recipes that I cooked the family a meal of Pablo's chicken served with courgette salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and a kale Caesar salad (and more of the same bread ok I'm sorry). Not to blow my own trumpet, but this was delicious.

I can highly recommend you checking out Hemsley Hemsley's website and their cookbook. What do you think of the sound of some of these dishes?

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