2018 Travel Wishlist

I like to think that I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions (they don't fit in with my cynical aesthetic) but every year I find myself giving in and making them anyway. In 2018, one of my main resolutions is to travel more. I might not be able to afford it (I can already hear my student loan screaming) but I'm determined to achieve just some of my 2018 Travel Wishlist.

Bratislava / Vienna

View of Bratislava Castle on the hill, Slovakia
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View of Francis of Assisi Church on the Danube River in Vienna, Austria
This photo is not my property. The source can be found here
These two cities will soon be ticked off my bucket list and scratched off the map on my wall because, as a post-exam treat, me and my friend decided to book ourselves on the cheapest flight we could find. Whilst Bratislava doesn't seem like the most obvious first choice destination, my trip to Poland last year has inspired me to explore as much of Europe as possible, especially the east. So, thanks to my new best friends Skyscanner and Flixbus, we managed to find ourselves £40 return flights to Bratislava and £9 return bus to Vienna (only an hour away!) From what I've researched so far for the trip, Bratislava is a city of interest, if not with the same cosmopolitan allure as its neighbouring capitals such as Vienna and Prague. This is why I think splitting our time between the lesser-explored Slovakian capital and Vienna will strike the perfect balance.


Photo of the canals, houses, bridge and bicycles of Amsterdam, Holland / Netherlands
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Probably the archetypal European city break, I am yet to conquer Amsterdam. This has been at the top of my wishlist for years now, and I'm determined to make 2018 the year that I finally get to visit.

The thing that appeals to me about Amsterdam is its dual personality: art, history, culture, architecture but also the infamous red light district. Not only that, but it's cool, with celebs flocking there all year round and events such as Amsterdam's Spring Break Festival keeping the city's reputation as a student paradise firmly intact.


Photo of bridge and cityscape in Budapest, Hungary
This photo is not my property. The source can be found here
Again, Budapest belongs in the canon of great European capitals, and is yet more perfect fodder for the travel-hungry student. Picturesque, full of culture, and, most importantly, easy to do on even the smallest of budgets. Better still for students like me, Budapest is as full of beer as it is full of history and the majority of this Budapest beer is, millilitre for millilitre, cheaper than water. Like Amsterdam, Budapest too has a double identity, with its famed thermal baths offering historical insights and relaxation as well as world-famous party vibes. This is an experience high on my bucket list.

The Algarve

Beautiful sea and beach landscape pic in the Algarve, Portugal
This photo is not my property. The source can be found here
Again, I already have a trip booked with my family to stay in the town of Albufeira in the Portuguese Algarve this summer, so this is another soon-to-be-achieved item on my wishlist.

I've been to Albufeira once before when I was about 13, so I'm really looking forward to revisiting the area now I'm older and more motivated to explore, especially following my trip to Lisbon this summer. From what I can remember, the old town was a treasure trove with Restaurante Dom Carlos my personal hidden gem.

Where are you hoping to head to this year?

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