Italy For Students

The Colosseum / Colosseo amphitheatre in Rome / Roma Italy

As well as the mounting student debt that I'm accumulating term by term, yours truly is also continuing to make significant damage to her savings. Yes, from the same person that brought you Bratislava and Vienna for under £200 comes a 5 day mini tour of Italy for under £200, booked and organised for early June.

These two trips (plus a 3 day getaway to Spain coming soon, both to my life and blog) are proof that European travel doesn't have to be excessive, and that is is accessible to students with savings, a part-time job, or an incredibly stringent budgeting ability.

Il Duomo, the dome cathedral in Florence / Firenze in Italy

Although I've been curating my travel wishlist for a while now, it's not until two international students, one American, one Australian, moved into my flat this term that I realised how much we all take our island's proximity to Europe for granted, and fail to explore much further than our favourite Costa Del Holiday Destinations. And, if you're still dragging your feet, there's no time like the present to just Shut Up And Go  before David Davis yanks us all kicking and screaming out of the EU and into the barren wasteland of blue passport Britain.

River Arno in Florence / Firenze captured from il Ponte Vecchio

With a lot of help from my fab four travel companions (ft. the artist formerly known as my American flatmate), we managed to book two return train journeys (one in the UK, one in Italy), two return coach journeys (ditto), return flights and two Airbnbs (one in Rome, one in Florence) for £175 per person! That practically takes us from our front door in Leeds to Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre and back again. Of course, much like my previous trip, I owe thanks to my other fab four travel companions, Skyscanner, Megabus, Flixbus and Airbnb. Now, the only thing I have left to budget for is the copious amounts of red wine and pasta I plan on devouring as soon as I get there. Expect a post documenting my tremendous weight gain and taste of La Dolce Vita for less as soon as I return.

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