Fringe Issues

I'm having some major fringe issues at the moment so I thought I'd post some tips I've found for anyone who's going through the difficult period of growing out your fringe. I loved my fringe so much when I got it, and although I'm gonna miss it, I've decided to grow it out. But instead of being able to go from one nice hairstyle to the next, this is going to take a long time before my hair gets to an acceptable length to be styled the way I want it, which leaves my fringe too long to be a fringe but too short to be parted. The whole situation is a major bummer. But, I've been searching all over the internet for different ways to get my fringe looking half decent and some of them, once they've been mastered, look really nice. So here are some tips which will hopefully make you feel a bit less gutted about the sorry state of your hair.

  • Sweep it over to one side
This is a really basic way of styling out your growing fringe, but will probably only work for the first few weeks of growth before it gets really heavy. Whether you had a full fringe, side fringe, blunt fringe or any kind of fringe, once it starts to get longer, it's easy to sweep it over to one side. If it looks a bit out of place, straighten it in the direction that looks best. This way you get to keep that fringe feeling for a few extra weeks before it starts to get harder to manage.
  • Invest in some hair accessories
Any hair accessories: bandannas, hair bobbles, scrunchies, clips, grips, hair bands, elastics. If you buy a load of different hair accessories, it will definitely cheer you up. If your fringe is getting longer, just pinning it back with an embellished clip or flower will make you forget all about it and could even add a cute little boost to your outfit.
Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl,
showing the power of a good hair

  • Practice plaiting
I'm definitely not an expert on plaiting, but I've been practicing and practicing my French plaiting skills and they seem to be getting better. If you're lucky and a bit of a plaiting whizz then French plaiting your fringe will be a God send. Relatively quick to do once you get the hang of it, it will keep your fringe out of your face and off your mind all day. I'm hoping, once I've mastered the French plait, to get to grips with the waterfall braid, which would make a brilliant summer hairstyle. For a full explanation on how to do a waterfall braid, check out this really helpful website.

  • Go windswept
The windswept look is one of my favourite looks for hair, even if it's not quite summer yet. When it comes to a fringe however, this look really has to be when you're tying your back. When you're drying your hair, blow dry your fringe backwards instead of whichever way your fringe normally goes. Then once your hair is dried, straighten your fringe backwards too. Then you can throw your hair into a tousled bun or updo and you have an easy way to keep your hair looking fab. If your fringe won't stay in the bun, add a couple of hair grips or a cute hairband to keep your fringe in place. To really get the perfect beachy hair, spray your hair with salt spray and scrunch to give your hair some texture. My favourite salt spray is this Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, it's more expensive than other salt sprays,  but it's one of the best purchases I've ever made, even for my quite thick hair. By spraying it onto damp hair or scrunching it into dry hair, it adds gorgeous beach style to this updo.

£21.50 by Bumble & Bumble
Remember to get small, regular trims of your fringe to snip off the dead ends. Even though it's sounds like a stupid thing to do when you're trying to grow it, cutting the dead ends off encourages your hair to absorb the nutrients it needs to grow healthily. I hope all these tips make the upcoming months less miserable and before you know it, your fringe will be totally forgotten. If anyone's got any other tips on how to manage a fringe in the awkward in-between stage please leave a comment, they'll be really useful!

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