British Spring

The British idea of spring sadly isn't the same as the rest of the world's idea of spring. Technically it's not spring yet, but even for February the weather is taking the mickey, and since most of us can't start wearing our 10 denier tights and pastel coloured blouses just yet, it looks like the autumn/winter wear is here to stay for a while longer. But that doesn't mean we can't change it up a little bit.
I thought I could get away with not buying a new winter coat if we're going to be coming out of this hellish weather soon, but if you know you're gonna need a coat to brace the weather, try a trench coat. Vogue have been praising the charm of the trench coat for a couple months now, and it's the perfect way to keep warm and dry through the rain as well as looking fresh and on-trend as the spring/summer collections descend onto us.
Image 1 of ASOS Trench Mac With PU Trims

£75 from ASOS (£45 now in the ASOS sale: GO GO GO!)
For a traditional take on the iconic trench coat, try this, one of many from ASOS. This classic trench is the ideal coat to follow the trend, an easy coat to wear with almost any outfit, meaning minimal fuss when it comes to unexpected rainfall (which is a common factor I have to consider when planning my outfit for the day). I really love the effortless chic a trench coat can bring to an outfit, be it for a casual shopping trip or dinner out. This coat would look great with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and your favourite shirt. Pair with black leather shoes (heels or flats)  or knee high boots and accessorise with a long necklace and a statement ring. For those drizzly mornings, remember your umbrella (and when spring eventually comes, a pair of over-sized shades will complete the Parisian vibe of the outfit).          

Image 1 of Vila Classic Trench Coat
£50 from  ASOS by Vila
If you're looking for a slightly different take on the classic trench coat, why not try this version by Vila in navy blue. It's unique without being outlandish, so you can make a small statement without the grand gesture. I really love the elegance and class the material brings to the coat, it stops the navy colour looking like a cheap imitation of a classic and helps the coat maintain it's grace. Although the colour doesn't necessarily transform the coat into a fully revamped piece, it's refreshing in its individuality and would make the perfect coat for school and work as navy clothing always has been so appropriate for smart environments. It gives the perfect impression as a work coat, as it would be an extension of the work outfit, projecting professionalism through the rain.              

Image 1 of Superdry Trench Coat
£124.99 from ASOS by Superdry
This last coat is more expensive, but when it comes to coats it's always worth shelling out a bit more for decent quality. This cropped Superdry adaptation of the trench coat adds a sporty edge to the classic. The cropped style of the coat makes it better for when the weather picks up. The pink detail on the edges of the belt and lapels is another update on the conventional trench coat and lifts the traditional cream colour of the coat. I really like this coat because I think it's a great way to do the trench coat style but with a more casual edge, for us who aren't attending socialite events and just need a nice coat that can a) keep us warm and b) look cute. Wearing this coat with jeans like the ones pictured keeps an outfit casual with a sense of easy stylishness.

Hopefully the trench coat will get us all through this rubbish weather, even if it won't work well at stopping floods :(

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