The BRIT Awards (Sorry for the ridiculous amount of writing but I had a rant flowing)

That time of year again. The BRIT awards. Or as I like to call them, something that rhymes with BRIT awards. I don't want to come over all single-minded and stuck in my ways like some middle-aged bigot, but the BRIT awards never cease to wind me up. Every single year I watch in the hope that it might be better (bar last year, when I really did lose my patience). 
Before I go on, Arctic Monkeys did win 2 awards, which I am incredibly chuffed about because I am a massive, massive fan of theirs. But even their BRIT success just goes on to back-up some of my points. I just think the BRITS are losing their edge. Remember when Jarvis Cocker mooned Jacko at the BRITS? (I wasn't born then but I still "remember" it.) It was controversial, it was funny and it got people interested. This year? James Corden snogged Grimmy. Again. I mean wow guys, way to bring back original thinking, but I bet the enthusiastic audience response made it all worthwhile. 
And Harry Styles' "well we just win so many awards and are so adored by so many people that I'm not even sure what award this is guys LOLOLOL" attitude wasn't just painfully unfunny, contrived and immature, but a bit moronic too. C'mon lads, if you're going to force me to be from a country of which you are the national icons, you better earn it by at least being a bit witty or gracious when accepting your awards if you aren't gonna improve your musical endeavours.
So what have I missed out? Ellie Goulding? Dull, pretentious, predictable. Kylie Minogue? Drunk and embarrassing to watch. Even Alex Turner (whom I idolise and who can do no wrong in my eyes. However, if I want to get my point across, I have to be objective) just showed that the BRITS are just a pretentious knees-up for the rich and famous. And the majority of the talent getting bladdered on TV can't even manage to perform live. Nice one. (Even, I suspect, Beyoncé, which does disappoint me, cos who doesn't love a bit of Beyoncé?)
Don't get me wrong, all of these people have their place in the music industry, and I know the BRITS are all about who's popular at the moment. I'm not saying that The Strypes deserve best breakthrough and Miles Kane was robbed of best solo artist, because half the population couldn't tell you who they are, I just wish that maybe they'd get some actual live performances, acknowledge some actual talents and maybe hire a presenter who gets a laugh from the audience. Once again the BRITS have farted out another mediocre awards ceremony and if, in the wise words of the ever-wise Noel Gallagher, even "David Bowie wouldn't turn up for this shit" why should anyone else. Oh of course, after-party at the Groucho Club, silly me...
Please comment your opinions guys, I think this is a really interesting topic. If you agree with me, it would be nice to hear some like-minded voices. If you disagree violently, I'd like to hear your opinions.

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