I seem to have an ever-growing wishlist of clothes and accessories constantly at the back of my mind. So I thought if I shared some of my desires with you all it would make me feel better and clear some space in my head as well as maybe giving you some clothes inspiration as well.
The Highmoor Shirt by Jack Wills £44.50
I'm not normally a massive Jack Wills obsessive when it comes to tops and shirts plastered in their logos and brand name, but I also think that Jack Wills make some really nice, smart clothes too (however they always seem to be the more expensive stuff). I think the Highmoor Shirt is really cute, and would go really well with patterned trousers (like these which I also really want, but they're not on sale until 20th February, weh), with shorts or with a cute skirt and sneakers or skater pumps. Especially with the sleeves rolled up, this shirt could change up an outfit into something preppy and cute (which my wardrobe lacks).
Reclaimed Vintage Skirt and Top by ASOS. Top £19. Skirt £24.50
Not only is this skirt and top combo by ASOS Africa (which means it's ethically made) but I think it's really cute. I love the matching two-piece at the moment, and it's tartan which is my wardrobe staple pattern. I just think this whole outfit is dead simple but still quite striking and I'd love to have an outfit like this in my wardrobe that I could wear on evenings out (not that I have many of those). Still, it would be nice to have the option. With a pair of black cut-out heeled sandals, I think this outfit would definitely be a favourite of mine.
Plated Holdall Bag by Topshop £40
I fell head-over-heels in love with this bag just today. I fall in love with a lot of things on a daily basis, but this in particular is so pretty. I'm becoming more and more of a sucker for a decent handbag, and this one is so unlike any of my other bags. Pastel colours are the obvious go-to shades for the upcoming season, and this shade of blue, I think, is quite sophisticated. I'd love to have a bag like this to brighten up my outfits on one of those "I-have-nothing-to-wear-so-I'm-gonna-wear-a-black-top-and-jeans" days (which seem to be a regular occurrence). The importance of owning a couple of bright bags is becoming clearer to me since seeing this bag.
ASOS DIALOG Plimsolls by ASOS £22
I'm not normally a massive fan when the sporty trends roll around (which anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised about) but some people manage to pull it off, so I thought I'd have a nosey at what I could actually get away with. And I found these. I know they're not the most gorgeous shoes in the world, but I've always liked the whole 90s skater shoe style, and I love the bright orange colour. I'm always trying to find new things to wear and new styles to try out and I think these shoes would probably add a fresh burst of colour into my otherwise predictable outfits. Especially when (if) the sun starts coming out, these bad boys would add an edge to my summer uniform of shorts and t-shirts. They might even persuade me to take up a sport (unlikely).

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