My Summer Essentials

Image 1 of ASOS Diamond Aztec Beach Skirt
ASOS Beach Co-Ord. Top £25 (now £15) Skirt  £20 (£12)
If I wasn't so skint at the moment I would snap this outfit up. I've had my eye on it for about 4 months now, and especially now that it's on sale, I need to get my hands on it before it sells out or goes back to full price. Eek! This would definitely come in handy for my hols in Ibiza this summer. I love the pattern and the colours and it's the ideal beach outfit. Especially because of how trendy two-pieces have become recently, this is a great outfit for strolls along the beach. This is definitely something I need to get ASAP!
Image 1 of ASOS Ibiza Belly & Body Chain Harness
 ASOS Belly and Body Harness £12
Another ASOS dream item. I do have a lot of stuff in my list of saved items on there. What can I say, they have everything on there. This is so cool, it's different and I don't own anything like it, so for summer I think it would definitely be a really cool addition to my summer outfits. It adds that sense of boho style, especially to beach outfits. There are plenty more belly chains on ASOS too, so it's just a case of deciding which one. Decisions, decisions.
Abercrombie & Fitch Leather Flip Flops £38
Yes they are pricey. Very pricey for flip flops. However, they are leather. And they are nice. Do you ever have those certain items of clothing that you plan outfits around even though you don't own it? These flip-flops are one of those. When I go on holiday, flip-flops are a godsend and these particular ones add a sense of style to the traditional flip flop. They're easy shoes to just put on and go on a hot day, and so these by Abercrombie give that ease an added edge. If I manage to save up for them, these shoes will be a constant match for my vintage shorts. A perfect, laid-back summer outfit.
Khaki (Green) Khaki Drawstring Gathered Skort | 302828534 | New Look
New Look Khaki Drawstring Skort £17.99
Casual shorts are always needed in the summer, just to be able to put them on and go, it's something that only summer lets you do. In summer, you can throw on some casual clothes, shove your hair back and still look laid-back and stylish. This skort is more feminine than shorts but in khaki gives it a more distressed look. It's also cheap, which is perfect because what's the point in forking out loads of money for a casual summer wardrobe staple? There are plenty of more expensive skorts and gym shorts out there which are soft and comfortable, and which I would love to own, but for the most part, you can't beat New Look for stylish dupes.
What's everyone else's must-have summer items? Does anyone try to achieve a specific look for summer?
PS: If it's two-pieces you want, check out Genoa. They have loads of really cool and original two-pieces, different to the ones you'll find on the high street 

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