Jack Of All Trades...Master Of Some

This isn't a post where I review something or talk about a trend or display my latest outfit, it's more of an ask for help. You see, as you can probably tell by the very fact that I run a fashion blog, I am very interested in fashion. I love it, and I don't want to come across as a walking cliche by professing my love for it, but I do. And I love all the artistic things that fall under that industry: design, manufacturing, media, journalism, photography, blogging etc. The thing is, due to some really quite annoying circumstances, I wasn't allowed to take textiles as a GCSE subject, and I regrettably passed up the opportunity of taking art instead. So now, I find myself in the situation where I'd love to broaden my knowledge in the fields of photography, fashion illustration and sewing but I have no idea how to go about doing it.
So I'm asking you. I know my blog is small and probably lost amongst a sea of other, better established fashion blogs, but those of you that do stumble across my blog (very much appreciated btw) might have similar interests. Do any of you love the fashion industry? How many of you are decent photographers and wouldn't mind giving me a few tips? Is anyone a talented drawer and knows of any useful techniques when it comes to designing? Are there any sewing patterns out there that could help me get more familiar with the mystery of a sewing machine? I would really appreciate any tips anyone could give me (please comment them if you have them), I am so desperate to get going but have no idea what I'm doing. Also, to all of you out there who might feel the same, who might have a talent in this field, who might want to pursue a new hobby or who wants to try it out but has no creative outlet, I hope that you too might benefit from any comments people leave. 
PS Sorry about the density of the writing here, and also how unnecessarily soppy it may seem. I'm just a bit ignorant about it all tbh


  1. I can give you some tips, do you have an email or something? So I can ask a direct questions :) xx

    1. thank you so much! you can contact me at harricorns@gmail.com :)


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