Seventeen Eyeliner

This little kit here was a nifty gift I got for Christmas which I ashamedly haven't got much use out of as of yet. However, I intend to turn it from one of those products that you forget you own to one of those products you wish you had more of. This Seventeen eyeliner collection is the perfect thing for me really, eyeliner is my go-to make-up staple look for when I can't be bothered to try out anything different. And I like to think it works for me pretty well.

This liquid eyeliner is the thing I get the most use out of because I can never be without it. I normally plump for the cheapest I can get my hands on because it's not like I have an expendable income reserved just for the many marvellously pigmented and long-lasting liquid eyeliners out there, and although this is still on the budget end of the high-street, it isn't a brand I normally choose for eyeliner. However, after trying this one out, I probably will in the future. Winged eyeliner is one of my favourite make up looks and this eyeliner goes on very easily and lasts a lot longer than the one I normally buy. I also manage to get a more accurate flick with this, the brush is a lot more sturdy and comfortable to hold than others I have tried.

This eyeliner pen does virtually the same job as the previous eyeliner, but in a more compacted way. I'm yet to get to grips with the difference in feel of an eyeliner pen to a brush, but it's definitely a great idea, especially for an on-the-go touch-up. This pen should in theory work the same way as the eyeliner brush, and though it's similar in size and style, the colour is not as dark. However, this pen does do better work at giving a thicker and more dramatic eyeliner flick than the brush and so if that's the look I want to achieve I opt for this over the brush, which tends to give a finer and more delicate effect.

This is the first gel liner I've tried and I've only used it once (since taking these photographs) and so I definitely have some practicing to do. However, my lack of experience aside, I can definitely see why so many people rave over gel liner. It gives a great black colour, the darkest of all the liners in this kit, and goes on easily and smoothly for me. And although I didn't quite give it the 16 hour test, I can say that it lasted really well. I love the packaging of this eyeliner, it looks sleek and the plastic makes it sturdy, but I am not a fan of the brush: it's hard and pointy and very difficult to get a good shape with. To use this eyeliner, I would have to invest in a decent angled brush.

This is the only liner I am yet to try, I'm just not brave enough yet. I was bewildered by the concept of kajal liners and I'll be honest, I have no idea how to use them. This kit includes a few make-up ideas and luckily includes one using the kajal liner, but like I said, I'm not brave enough. I haven't really had the chance to try it either, but hopefully one day I'll pop out the smokey eye and this bad-boy might be making a debut.

What's everyone else's go-to liners?

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