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The View From The Afternoon (from the shard)
It's London baby!
The time for the big gig was upon me!
Pretty gutted that the bank holiday weekend is over now because it was a damn good one. Arctic Monkeys were definitely in their element at Finsbury Park. If any of you were there then you'd know how blumming cool it was. 
So we got to our apartment in Paddington (it made me feel very MIC) and started getting ready. Donning the "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" top, new tapestry shorts and a bandana (rock 'n' roll).
Bandana- eBay
Tapestry Shorts- ASOS

So the day after the gig we hit Covent Garden (one of my favourite places on earth) to spend our well-saved cash. Suffice to say that Urban Outfitters took a pounding and with the discovery of a MAC store that meant another few hours were used up. 
The weather was surprisingly sunny and warm which made the day even better. London in the sun is probably one of my most favourite things: especially when it's mixed with fancy shops and virgin cocktails. 
Just the sight of these designer shops made me feel fancy so when I was introduced to an actual wall of shoes in Kurt Geiger it was pretty cool. If none of you have visited Covent Garden, you really should! It's like a treasure trove. And if you head to a bar called Henry's in Henrietta Street they do the nicest virgin mojitios in the entire world (and raspberry and vanilla mojitios too!)

The final day in London, albeit sad, was awesome because of the Topshop in Oxford St primarily being amazing. I mean seriously it's like a mini city. I think if I moved to London Oxford and Regent St would be my addiction.
Me and my buddy Han living it up in Topshop
As much as we would have loved to carry on with our non-stop shopping, we thought it would be best to have a bit of culture so we paid a visit to the shard. And seriously wow. It's a stunningly impressive building and to be honest these photographs don't really do it justice.

Which brings me to my London purchases!
During my shopping time in London I managed to nab some pretty decent items, including my very first MAC lipstick after years of hankering (Russian Red oh yeah)
I definitely didn't need any more sunglasses, but this pair went so well with the dress I just couldn't help myself.

Who was also at the Arctic Monkeys gig on Friday or Saturday?

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