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It's a rainbow of colours isn't it? 

I know that I don't normally write about menswear (heck I have never even given it a thought when I've been planning blog posts) but I figured it's always a good thing to broaden your horizons and explore other areas, and I like to think that I can appreciate style regardless of its target market. So when I was approached by the good people at Bonobos it was quite an exciting prospect. And then when I saw the products that they sell I thought it was definitely a worthwhile one. For those of you who don't know of Bonobos, let me enlighten you...

Bonobos is a New York based menswear company "focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience." It was launched in 2007 and has since received numerous accolades from such prestigious magazines as New York Magazine. I would definitely check out their website here.

But you're not here to read me banging on and on about their company, and I'm not prepared to write a post like that. Instead, I thought I'd take a peek at their new Garment Dyed Chinos which they've brought out just in time for summer.

I know there's always a bit of a tag that comes with a lad in a pair of chinos (in England anyway) but I've always been a firm believer in a nice, fitted pair of chinos for a fairly smart look, especially when summer rolls around. As these dapper blokes are quite clearly showing, they can be worn in just about any way. But don't be fooled: you don't have to be muscly and/or edgy to pull of these bad boys and they can even look good when you're not hanging around trendy New York streets. You don't have to have perfectly quaffed hair and an Eton education to be able to wear a nice pair of chinos anymore. 

There are a few of you guys out there (don't bother hiding I know who you are) who champion all other trousers over chinos. But when it's 30 degrees outside and you're off out, would you really want to stick to your skinny jeans or would you rather embrace a light and airy pair of chinos? If you really are that proud, Bonobos' dark navy offering could be passed off as a pair of jeans. Then you don't have to compromise your comfort or your trouser integrity!

So if you're off to a day at the races, a picnic in the countryside, a garden party, a BBQ or any other summertime activities, it seems like a pair of these smart new chinos could be your wardrobe's best friend. Pair a brightly coloured pair with a polo or crisp white shirt and jacket for that classic, preppy style, or for an edgier vibe opt for an understated colour and a bright short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. If you're heading somewhere smart, co-ordinate your chinos with the same coloured tie and a funky-yet-voguish shirt (checked shirts are always a winner). Is there a sleeker summer staple?

This is primarily a post for those of you from the USA because at the moment, they aren't shipping to places outside North America or Australia. So for you lucky ones living it up stateside, if you haven't already heard of Bonobos, go and check them out.

Paisley chinos: the ukelele-ists choice ;)

Has anyone bought from Bonobos before? Who's planning on purchasing a pair? (it is Father's Day soon after all)
*these pictures are courtesy of Bonobos*

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