Pretty Basics

Thank God for ASOS that's all I can say!

We all need our basic wardrobe staples, but just because they're basic doesn't mean they can't be pretty! And that's where ASOS have got it sussed. A white t-shirt is literally just a white t-shirt and I needed to buy one to go with my black and white playsuit/dungaree thing (see it here) so that's sorted out one outfit.

White socks are another potentially boring thing to buy BUT I have been so desperate to try the cute socks and chunky heels combo that I had to buy some and I think these spotty ones by Monki are perfect because they are super cute and understated and would add a great feel to an outfit if I wore them with some black heels (possibly with the formerly mentioned playsuit).

Finally: rain mac. The last rain mac I owned I was in year six and it was on sale from JD Sports. Now however, I find myself with a gorgeous long, clear mac, also from ASOS. I needed to get a waterproof coat of some sort because next Saturday I'm going down to London to see the Arctic Monkeys in Finsbury Park (WOOOOHOOOO!!!)
and if I'm going to be stood outside for six hours I need to be prepared for all possible weather situations. Also, the girl who modeled it on ASOS was wearing a similar outfit to the one I'm planning on wearing so hopefully it'll look as good on me as it did on here. It also came in a cute lil bag too which is a nice touch. Because it's long it also means that it will help stop the much dreaded winter issue of wet denim jeans, thank God!

Has anyone found any interesting new twists on basic wardrobe pieces? Who else is an Arctic Monkeys fan?

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