Body Shop Haul

Do four things really count as a haul? Anyway, due to the lucky "Buy Two, Get Two Free" offer on the Body Shop website the other day, I thought "why the hell not?" so I splurged. It's not really like me to spontaneously splurge on beauty products, but I had been after a foundation brush and night cream for a while, so it wasn't entirely wasted.

This foundation brush pretty much does what it says on the tin. It's soft, easy to use and works very well with the mineral foundation. My brush collection has been missing this specific item for ages now, so it was about time I bought it and made my life so much easier.

Although I was intrigued by the concept of this (mineral foundation mixed with extra virgin olive oil) it has been more trouble than it's worth. Yes, it gives awesome coverage, it's very smooth, soft and even and it smells heavenly. However, it is too dark for my skintone so I have to blend it in with some moisturiser to water it down a bit. That's niggle number one. Niggle number two is that I knocked it over and it cracked my iPad screen. But I can't blame the Body Shop for that. In fact, if you can actually judge your own skintone for yourself then I would say to give this a go. Plus, at £14 a bottle, it's pretty decent value, and it definitely has the screen-cracking-weight of a more expensive bottle. Check it out here.

This is probably the purchase I was most excited about. I've been biding my time waiting for a decent night cream to come my way without being too pricey. With this being enriched with vitamin E, it's definitely nourishing. We all have those nights when we "forget" to do our nightly skincare regime, so I was hoping that by adding a new item to my collection it would encourage me to "remember" more. And to be honest, it's working so far. I love playing with skin creams and lotions etc so this is a pretty fab purchase. And it's so moisturising and soft. Plus, this smells pretty great too.

Anyone else take advantage of the Body Shop's offer? What's your favourite Body Shop product?


  1. I love the body shop! I will have to check out this night cream from the vitamin E line. I normally use the aloe collection but this one sounds great too!

    1. Yeah I definitely recommend the vitamin E one! I've not tried the aloe collection so I may have to trial that one too :)


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