St Tropez Luxe Oil

As if I didn't love Elle enough, this month they've given me 25% off St Tropez spray tans and products online. Just as I was thinking of purchasing some fake tan in time for summer! Anyway, I know it's a marketing ploy to try and get me to buy things I wouldn't normally, but God help me I'm a sucker. Anyway, it's not like I haven't gained anything in the process.

So after an hour long deliberation about what product I should get (as a ginger I am always petrified my skin
will be the same colour as my hair) I finally opted against the mousse I was tempted by and instead bought their new Luxe Dry Oil, purely out of curiosity. I bought a mitt too because I don't have one and I just don't get how people can use their hands without leaving streaks: I can't do that.

As you can see it looks mega dark (scary stuff for a pale chick) but when it arrived I was bowled over by the luxuriousness of the product. I'd always guessed that St Tropez was that bit better because it's always been out of my price range but this bottle of oil screams luxury and quality. It also has a shimmer running through it which, while not being to everyone's taste, definitely adds to the overall glamorous feel of the product and gives a really nice finish to the product.

I know it looks like a bit of a random blotch on my skin (please ignore pimples etc) but I am genuinely surprised at how natural looking this tan is. When I applied it you couldn't really see any difference and you couldn't feel anything as it's drying (it is a dry oil durr...) but it darkens over the course of a few hours. Anyway, seeing as I never really tan naturally fake tan is always a risk, but this one is great! It's not so dark that I look ridiculous or orange but it just gives a sunkissed radiance. It is wonder oil. I just can't wait to break up for summer so I can slather it on properly and whip my legs out (exercise still needed to reduce that pin jiggle though). I highly recommend trying it if any of you are thinking of experimenting with some different fake tans this year. Even you pale ones, I know how much it sucks not being able to tan, but don't let them laugh at you anymore when you're looking like a milk bottle in the midday sun- bring out the luxe oil.

Have you bought the luxe oil yet? Who else has taken advantage of their ELLE benefits? 

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