Bumble & Bumble Heads Up!

Ok, so not a full-blown post, but this is just a wee heads up for any of you who are interested: if you head to Bumble & Bumble's website RIGHT NOW as you will see on their homepage, they have a pretty decent  promotion on at the moment. For every full-sized product your purchase, you receive a free spraychalk in a colour of your choice worth £15 (i.e buy 2 products, choose 2 chalks, buy 1 product, choose 1 chalk etc). I have just taken advantage of this deal and chose the shades Lavender (pastel purple) and Blush (pastel pink) for the samples. As for the full-sized products I bought, my mom had her fill by purchasing their platinum blonde hairspray and styling tonic. A full review of these products will be up once I've received them.
Anyway, I thought I might as well give you all a heads up. After all, who wouldn't want to take advantage of this sweet deal?

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