Dreaming Of Boohoo

I have never seen the appeal with Boohoo.com. I have looked on numerous occassions and have never found clothes to my taste: ever. I don't know whether it was the clothes, the website layout or my small-mindedness, but I could never get on board. Until now that is.

I have seen many a friend with a new dress/top/pair of shoes which I've loved and upon learning that they've got it from Boohoo, I became confused (ditto for H&M) because every time I look I can never find these gems. But after spying a couple of things on their advert which I quite liked and trying on a friend's new pair of Boohoo mules, I thought it was time for another gander. And now I have finally seen the light.

ASOS is almost always my first port-of-call for online shopping, but I always end up spending either all of my or all of my parents money, but with Boohoo their prices seem to please my purse much more. Don't get me wrong, they don't sell everything, but the amount of dresses/playsuits/shorts/bags/skirts/tops I have fallen for for under £20 is mindblowing to me. Especially now my summer wardrobe needs stocking up for Ibiza in August, I am on the hunt for easy summer style at the lowest possible price. So a dress for £15? Yes please! A pair of shorts for £10? Get in my basket!

This dress is one in particular that I've got my eye on. The thing that I love about it (besides the £15 price tag) is the cut of it. There are a few dresses and playsuits that caught my eye before this one in the same material, but this style is my favourite. I love the ruffled top and the overlapping of the skirt and I think it would be a great beach outfit. 

Well I have finally been converted into a Boohoo fan. Has anyone bought anything from Boohoo recently? Can any of you identify with my former hatred?

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