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My part of the Bumble & Bumble promotion arrived today!! Spraychalk just in time for the Kasabian gig in Victoria Park tomorrow :D Is anyone else making their way to Vickeh Park to see the lads in their massive homecoming gig? My excitement is slowly making up for last night's absolute devastation over the footie...
Anyway, yet another bonus: mom treated us to a new pair of hair straighteners (our old ones have been dropped on the floor too many times). Today has been good news for my hair.

As I said in my previous Bumble & Bumble post, they recently started a new promotion of giving away a free spraychalk sample per every full-sized product purchased (take advantage of it now if you haven't already). The chalks I chose were pink and purple, although there are the options of blue and green as well. To be honest, the two products I got in order to get the free chalks aren't really for me: they're for my mom. However, I can see me testing out the styling lotion next time I wash my hair. But the platinum blonde hairspray, not so much.

I am yet to test out the pink spray on my hair, but as you can see the lavender comes out quite dark, almost like a grey-ish purple. But bear in mind I'm a ginger and so on those of you with lighter hair it will probably look fab (especially you platinum blondes). It's really easy to apply, just spray it like you would dry shampoo or hairspray. I sometimes find hair chalk a bit time-consuming, so this spray version is perfect. Just spray it on and go! It lasts for a day of colour so it's by no means a permanent fix, but it's perfect for those days when you just fancy doing something a bit different with your hair without the commitment. I must admit the fragrance is a bit odd and so I imagine when I use it on more hair it may become a bit overwhelming, but that's a very small niggle I'm willing to put up with. Obviously these are just samples so they won't last you a lifetime (especially if you have particularly thick or long hair) but I reckon if it continues to impress me as much as it is I may think about (re)purchasing it.

If you're looking for a quick and colourful fix for your hair this summer then take B&B's spraychalk into consideration. When the summer hols roll around I always fancy adding a bit of colour to my hair, probably because there aren't any teachers who could yell at me for colourful locks.

Who has taken advantage of Bumble & Bumble's promotion?

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