Kasabian Summer Solstice

All we will ever feel is ecstasy!!!

Yes, I have returned from Kasabian's gigantic homecoming gig in Victoria Park and yes it was incredible!

This is just a snippet of how electric the vibes were on saturday! I wasn't mega close to the front so you can't really see much but the sound quality is much better than I thought it would be! As some of you may or may not know, Kasabian are my number one band of all time, so this gig was mega important for me. The last time I saw Kasabian was in year 8, so two years later I was definitely jonesing for another gig. Their new album 48:13 is out NOW (and went in at #1 ehehe) and if you haven't bought it yet you should and you can buy it here

They opened with the first track on their new album called "Bumblebeee" which is a shock-heavy, thumper of a track. Think old-school Kasabian jamming with Led Zep with plenty of drops. I know it's hard to imagine, but this sort of track is exactly why Kasabian manage to pack out huge spaces like Victoria Park: their massive anthems. Call me biased, I know it, but you don't know a gig until 50,000 people ranging from 7 to 70 are all jumping unison and crying out the hooks to every song. They also played the tracks Stevie, Eez-eh and Treat off their new album, all my favourite tracks from the record. I urge you to check out these tracks on Youtube

To whoever else was at the Kasabian Summer Solstice gig in Victoria Park, how awesome was it?! And now the Leicester lads are on their way to headlining Glastonbury this weekend: mental. 

I also tried out the pink spraychalk for the gig,which was a pretty colour even on my ginger locks, but it did make my ends feel a bit dry yuk (You can check out my blog post about it here). But to be honest, the amount of rubbish that was chucked about at that gig, I think that spraychalk being in my hair was the least of my worries... On the plus side, the weather was perfect for an outdoor gig! 

Who else was lucky enough to have been at that awesome gig?

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