July Faves

Wow has July is gone already. It only seems like this month I did June's favourites. Oh wait...

Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid

So I know I'm a bit late jumping on this bandwagon, but better late then never right? After reading so many different reviews of this product, it majorly appealed to me and Illamasqua being a brand I'd never tried before I thought it would be an experience. So I opted for the shade 'Surrender' which is a light peach colour. It definitely is vibrant, but I wouldn't expect anything less from such a colourful brand. And it does exactly what it promises. It does take some practice applying it, but once you've got the knack it's good to go. A light, summery shade for people who prefer matte lips, a definite in my Ibiza make up bag.

The Courteeners How Good It Was EP

If you are yet to hear The Courteeners' new single Summer then you should listen to it here and if you've never listened to The Courteeners at all then this is a good place to start (and thank me later). They have also released a new EP this month in preparation for their upcoming album 'Concrete Love' coming out in August (super excited). I really like The Courteeners and this EP has been on replay on my Spotify account. There's just something about The Courteeners: one minute you're belting out one of their songs not caring about anything other than how cool you feel and the next minute you're reduced to a heap on the floor, still belting out the track, but in a more Celine Dion-emotional way than before. 'Summer' and this EP are what your summer playlist is missing btw.

The Courteeners


Yet another late bandwagon hop. However, I did read the book last year so it's not like I missed the boat completely, I just haven't got round to seeing the film. And now I have and life will never be the same. I'm not one for posting spoilers, but to all of you who haven't read the book, please read it and also see this film. Not even Forrest Gump made me cry as much as this film did. By the end of it me and my friend were fiercely blubbing. The whole second half of the film was just intermittent crying and at one point I had to fight away those horrendous chest-gasps you get when you're really blarting. Truthfully, a much better film than I had expected (films never seem to live up to the standard of the book I find) and truly one to buy on DVD and watch with a tub of Haagen Dazs on a cold sunday afternoon.

New Laptop

After so many years hankering after a MacBook and so, so many years without a laptop, I finally took the leap and bought one (and a super pretty case). I can't tell you how good it is to have my own laptop again, it's a great feeling. Yes, it means I don't have an excuse anymore when it comes to doing online homework, but I am willing to make the effort! It also means I can finally start browsing through the vast array of Mac decals (I'm feeling a Heisenberg one).

Costa Lime Mint Cooler

This is a bit of a daft one, but I bought this one hot afternoon up town and it was a brilliant thing! It was scorching hot, and I went into Costa (I'm a sucker for overpriced coffee what can I say) and bought a Lime, Mint and Green Tea Cooler which turned out to be a very wise choice on my part. It tastes like a mojitio (sans booze obviously) and is so cool and refreshing that I think I'm a bit addicted to them.

UO Co Ord

I tried this outfit on when I went shopping with my friends a few weeks back, back when the entire outfit cost over £70. I loved it, but I couldn't justify spending almost £40 for a pair of shorts, even if I had the money. I tried it on a second time when I went to Birmingham with some more friends, when it still cost over £70 and when I still couldn't justify the price tag. Then my mom went out at the weekend and borrowed my student discount card and found that this shorts and top combo had been put in Urban Outiftters' summer sale and so came to a nifty £27 in total. Way to go mom!!

Sly and shameless changing room selfie in the two-piece...

Summer vibes

My final July fave is a bit self-indulgent I suppose but hey-ho. I'm just generally enjoying being off school. It gives me time to bask in the sunshine (when it was out last week anyway), lie-in (very important) and spend some time with my friends. I've already managed a good catch-up-cum-sleepover and a very successful trip to Alton Towers (hello 3 minute queue for Oblivion) so roll on the rest of summer (but not too quickly, September needs stalling)

Hope you had a good month and let's hope the weather holds out for August!

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