ASOS Summer Lovin'

ASOS daisy crop cami with ASOS pink lace beach shorts

ASOS daisy crop cami with ASOS pink lace beach shorts

ASOS daisy crop cami with ASOS pink lace beach shorts

ASOS pink lace beach shorts

ASOS daisy crop cami

Hey there! Long time no see. Today saw the delivery of my brand spanking new laptop which is obviously great news for me because it means I actually have a laptop of my own now. It's also good news for you cos it means I'll be able to be more consistent with my posts. Anyway, this features two items I bought from ASOS a few weeks back in preparation for my upcoming trip to Ibiza (woo) which I thought were just too cute not to buy. They are the perfect summer clothes, and even though I convince myself that about a number of garments, with these I believe it!

This ASOS Petite cropped camisole had been in my saved list for some months before it went in the sale (and still is reduced to £12 if you're wondering ;)) so this was definitely a very satisfying purchase. Now I NEVER buy clothes from the Petite section because I have never been what you would describe as "petite" but trust me when I say if you're feeling nervous buying petite clothes, don't. It's also cropped which, though I love it on other people, isn't really my style. However, I love that it's cropped and, while I still need to work on those abs a bit more, it's not so horrendous! Plus, it looks so summery and carefree when on, and teamed with a pair of good ol' denim shorts, you've got yourself a pretty and casual summer outfit, ideal for picnics, walking the dog or even a trip to the beach!

These lace shorts come in two colours: black or this peach-coral colour. They are also in the sale for a mere seven quid right now, so there is no better time to buy if you're looking for another pair of beach shorts. When I saw they were £7 they were added to my basket without even a single thought. I was so tempted to opt for the black pair because black goes with literally everything as well we all know, but for a summer wardrobe mine is looking rather overwhelmed by the colour, so I forced myself to go for a splash of peach. And I am quite glad I did, although I was tempted by the black as well. They are slightly see through, as you would expect from lace, but over a bikini they are absolutely ideal and so light and pretty. I definitely think that by buying the peach colour it will certainly make me look a lot girlier when I'm sporting one of my many black t-shirts abroad. At the end of the day, when it comes to this time of year I am looking for nice pieces I can wear more than once while I'm abroad without having to shell out too much dosh, so if you're anything like me then head to ASOS' summer sale.

Have you recently found any cheap summer clothes that you just had to buy?

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