ELLE is always so kind to me. Its arrival is actually the highlight of my month (sad I know). What makes it even better is that it always comes with free stuff, be it samples or discounts. And this month, it is a sample of three products by an excitingly named brand which I've never heard of but I was looking forward to trying.

After doing a little bit of research I have found out that Malin and Goetz is a New York based "apothecary & lab" and by the looks of things it looks like they do a lot of unisex products, which is quite cool I think. Amongst a whole host of really intriguing sounding products from a tummy-calming, breath-freshening mint/jelly combo to dog shampoo (yes-dog shampoo) there lies the more usual of products like moisturisers, shampoos and skin treatments in a manner of flavours. Malin and Goetz seem to put a lot of emphasis on the treatment of sensitive skin and the long-term solution of everyday skin/hair problems. I've got to say, all I've seen is these samples and a brief tour of their website but as a brand they seem really different and really quite cool: as someone with sensitive skin, if these samples prove to work well I could definitely see myself testing out some of their other products.

So down to these specific samples. ELLE have given me a grapefruit face cleanser, a vitamin e face moisturiser and a lip moisturiser, which are all useful products to have I'm sure you'll agree. Truth be told I haven't yet tested the cleanser or moisturiser because, as they're so small in size, I was planning on packing them in my suitcase for my holiday next month. However, I have given the lip moisturiser a try and I am very pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting it to be such a gel-like formula but it feels instantly hydrating and nourishing. It's quite a dense formulation so a little really does go a long way and I must say it feels so amazing to apply. I can't smell an odour at all which, although may be a blow to those of you who love sweet and fruity balms, is great for me because I can take it or leave it, and I think the lack of fragrance really adds to the overall impression of Malin and Goetz as a clean and fresh brand. Writing this post my lips still feel soft and hydrated and I last applied the moisturiser almost two hours ago.

So although I haven't trialed these products in full, I am so far impressed and if they carry on impressing like they are, I will most probably look around for other products. I have my eye on the mojitio flavoured lip balm!

As well as online, Malin and Goetz are available in store at Space NK.

As a side note: what travel products would you recommend for taking abroad for both on the plane or during the holiday for skin and hair?

Had you ever heard of Malian and Goetz before this post/ this month's issue of ELLE? Or have you maybe tried any of their products before?

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