Summer Survival

With summer now officially here and the prospect of holidays and jetting off definitely on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about how to cope these summer months. When it's November and I'm sitting around with the physique of December dreaming about the weather of July and the physique of August, I seem to forget that when summer eventually rolls around I end up with January's cellulite and February's pale skin. This is why I now have to put the emphasis on getting sorted for the holidays, as my plan on starting early this year fell through spectacularly. However, we all have our summer survival plan, and this is mine:

Chicken Skin
I have been informed that 40% of the population suffer from this. Don't be shy, we accept you one of us. What is technically known as keratosis pelaris is a harmless skin issue which is when it's randomly bumpy and not nice to look at. I know that there are loads of expensive serums and lotions that smooth out skin blah blah blah and though they may work (I'll admit I haven't tried them myself) I have a much cheaper and easier way to get smooth arms ready for summer. The magic ingredient: coconut oil. The condition is caused by a build up of keratin in the skin which forms in bumps, which the coconut oil dissolves. I'll admit I've forgotten most of the science, all I know is it works. After buying a massive tub online (try a kilo of coconut for just over a tenner) and using it for a week, the bumps dramatically decreased and I've now been using it for over a month and the bumps are almost non-existent. You can also by a tin from Boots for dirt cheap. By combining this with an exfoliation or body brush scrub once a week, it is the perfect route to dream arms. Slathering on some moisturiser doesn't hurt either. Believe me when I say that this freaky lard-like substance really made an impact: a definite repurchase item. PS it ain't bad for hair either (apply to the ends while still wet)

Itchy Skin
Fellow eczema sufferers of the world unite (other skin conditions also welcome). I have suffered with eczema my entire life, and when the sun comes out it ain't fun. You sweat: you itch. You apply sun cream: you itch. You scratch: you itch. It's a vicious cycle, it's all I can do to stop myself from scratching my legs off right now as I write (too graphic?) While I still don't have a miracle cure for summer (tips very much appreciated) I do have a few things that help. First of all it's best to start taking antihistamines well before allergy season, so your body is already well prepared. Make sure you don't miss a day either. If you suffer from hayfever like me too (God what an allergic wreck) and find most antihistamines just don't cut it for you, try getting some on prescription: I do and they really are a godsend. Also, moisture is key. I use Doublebase (also on prescription, yeuch) and it's definitely better than most you can buy in chemists. If you can't get any on prescription, make sure the moisturiser you buy aren't perfumed cos that will irritate your skin like holy hell. As much as Doublebase works, there's a brief period after applying it when my skin is itchier than ever, but you just gotta push through unfortunately. For when it gets too severe, I always resort to hydrocortisone cream. Sometimes stings but it's like hitting a reset button on your skin. I also stick to Piz Buin or Ambre Solaire sun cream; I've never had much issues with their sun creams but Bergaderm drives my skin wild.

Face It
The amount of stuff your face has to put up with in a day is a lot, so with the added sweat and sun of summer, extra care needs to be taken. Not just in the case of SPF, but it moisturising and lip care too. On those days when I need to wear a full face of make up I ALWAYS opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser with an added SPF (tinted moisturiser I find is best because it's lightest to apply and the most moisturising to stop your skin being dried out by the sun). The best tinted moisturiser I've ever tried is Benefit's Big Easy with its lightweight finish and SPF 35, though it is, sadly, out of my price range but something I hanker after daily. Always use a suncream with or without makeup, but that's obvious. It's also best to choose a moisturising lip balm with an SPF because lips, unlike the rest of skin, the skin on the lips is more delicate and lacks a certain chemical (forgotten that one too, science is not my strong point) which other skin has, making it more sensitive to sun. The final thing I try to pay more attention to at this time of year is keeping my skin hydrated. Whether you have an overnight hydration mask (which I'm searching around for) or a night cream or just a regular moisturiser, it's wise to moisturise any skin that's been exposed to the sun every day.

(not my picture)

The bane of most of our summers is this. I don't think I know a single person who doesn't have cellulite and, while it's nothing to be ashamed of, who can honestly say they wouldn't want to get rid of it a bit? Like everyone else I have no sure-fire way of getting rid of cellulite, but I know what helps. Firstly, a dry scrub helps. It won't do the job on it's own, but it can improve the appearance of cellulite. The only way I know to help get rid of cellulite as much as possible is exercise. Jogging, cycling, rowing: anything that works the leg jiggle. Also squats. Squats definitely help blast the cellulite. Obviously there are a number of different treatments and products that help rid the jiggle, but I can't vouch for any of those because I've never tried them.

What are your summer saviours? 


  1. Lovely post! You have some lovely products!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. thanks! these products really help out in the summer :D


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