Ibiza Bound

Summer may be almost over in the UK, but in the Med it's still very much the season of sun, sand and sea as well as sunburned and bloated Brits abroad (soon to be me). So, expect the next two weeks to be very quiet from me as I will be too busy catching some rays to care about you (I'm joking of course, nothing saddens me more)

Inside my suitcase: sunglasses, gone girl, the beautiful and damned

However, this leaves the dilemma of what to pack. Every time we go abroad, I always find myself overpacking, and this year appears to be no exception, especially because I seem to have turned into a lunatic in terms of obsessively buying summer season clothes like they're going out of fashion (which, in fairness, they are).

I am also torn between my dad's "wear your heaviest clothes to save on luggage weight", my mom's "make sure your comfortable on the plane" and my "I wanna look fabulous and travel in style" attitudes. However, I have found a compromise by wearing my ASOS Daisy Cami (which I wrote all about in this post) because, even though it'll be freezing at 3am in England, it will be fab for Ibiza and it's so comfortable. I'm also wearing my blue denim cut-offs because they're fairly heavy but the comfiest of all my denim shorts. Finished with my Abercrombie and Fitch leather flip flops and I can already hear my skin frazzling under the Mediterranean sun!

If I was to go over everything I was packing I would miss my flight, but these are some of my favourite things I'm taking away with me, be they for pure excitement factor or for just how ruddy great they are in the sun.

3 bikinis: pink gingham, faux denim and green tropical print

I do love a good bikini. I really do, and I especially love these. I bought two high-waisted bikinis because I am yet to see someone who doesn't look good in high-wasited bottoms. The other one I got because not only does it look like denim, which I think is really cool, but the style of the bikini top is great. I bought all of these from ASOS when they were having a massive sale on swimwear and such so I'm not sure whether they're still in stock, but fear not because ASOS always have loads of different bikini styles.

maybelline bb cream, bourjois cream blush, illamasqua matte lip liquid in surrender

These are some of my hot weather make-up musts. I never like applying foundation in the heat so I'm taking a BB Cream with me because it's so much lighter and it has an SPF in it which is definitely beneficial. This one by Maybelline is fantastic as well I find, although it does have a tendency to ooze out of the bottle. I'm also taking this Bourjois cream blush because I find cream blush so much easier to apply in the heat than a powder. I'll probably lay off the eyeliner while I'm out there but what I'm definitely toning up is my lips: I'm aiming for bold colour so I'm hoping for high colour payoff. My new Illamsqua matte lip liquid is my favourite thing and I think the colour is the perfect summer shade so I expect this will be making a regular appearance.

ipad, ipod, gone girl, the beautiful and damned, pride and prejudice

I can't be sitting around the pool all day without anything to do, so I'm keeping myself occupied. I've downloaded The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained on my iPad, I have Kasabian's latest album on my iPod and I am ready to snap some beach landscapes: bring it on. I also bought Gone Girl for holiday reads (I've been longing to read it for a while now), The Beautiful And Damned (F. Scott Fitzgerald, need I say more?) and Pride & Prejudice, though that's really more for English Literature revision before I get back to school. I've hidden my chick-lit novels in the form of iBooks on my iPad so no one susses out that I'm not actually an intellectual being who reads classic literature beside the pool. I do enjoy a good girly book, and the ones I've downloaded are Safe Haven, The Wrong Knickers and Can You Keep A Secret?

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and don't get too worked up about the prospect of school/work/winter. I'll send you a postcard!

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