White Isle Style

Hey everyone I am back! Did you miss me?
Just got back today and I am freezing: is England always this cold?
Managed to get a slight tan while I was away, result!

santa eulalia beach and gone girl

Although I am quite glad to see England again, I will definitely miss Ibiza. Having been to all of the Balearic islands now, I can safely say that Ibiza is the coolest. It is a lot more cosmopolitan than I expected but still has that traditional rural Spanish charm.

On the beaches and in the town you always manage to find some unusual dress sense: from the hippies to the hipsters.

Speaking of hippies, I picked up a pretty nice playsuit from the Hippy Market in Es Cana for €10. However, I built my hopes up a lot about the Hippy Market and was a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, there are some nice things there, but it's all a bit same-y and claustrophobic and wasn't really for me, but I'm glad I at least visited.

However Ibiza Town, on the other hand, was for me. The first thing I saw as I got off the bus was a Pull & Bear (nice). But it's not just about the chain-shops, you can get them anywhere, but there's a Hard Rock Cafè and loads of quirky little shops and bars around. If you ever go to Ibiza, pay the capital a visit (and then go into Dalt Villa. The slippery stairs are daunting but the views, and possible Leonardo DiCaprio sightings, are worth it).

views from Dalt Villa and prickly pears

Those of you who are planning on going to Ibiza pin back your ears: this trip is the best thing ever. We took a catamaran from Ibiza Town Port over to Es Palmador, a National Park section of the small island Formenterra. There we had an hour on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, a private beach, before we went back on board for dinner (all included in the price). Not too shabby so far. We went in the evening which meant we got to watch a famous Ibizan sunset (photo worthy) after we ate. All the while on board, all drinks are included in the price. What I enjoyed the most though, was the on-board DJ. He'd played a few tracks on our way over, but once we'd started our leisurely nightime journey back to the harbour, it was like a club on a boat. It was pretty special, a really great experience. It was the perfect night out.

ibizan sunet on the ocean

I'll stop before I get too nostalgic. All holidays have to end which is a real pain because I'm now faced with the reality of school.

So now that I'm back and I've regaled you with tales of my holiday I can get back to my usual posts now, you lucky things ;)

Have you been to Ibiza this year, or at all? I loved it so so much but did you?

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