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"Scandi" style is a term I hear being batted around here and there, online and in print, and I was never quite sure of what it actually means. Then it dawned on me that, like all styles, there is no right or wrong way to do it; only yours and theirs and what I've seen branded as "scandi" I have definitely taken a liking to.

In recent months I have been experiencing a sartorial déjà vu, wearing the same sort of clothes over and over and haven't really been able to pinpoint my personal style. I know what I like, I know what I don't like as much and I know what I'm lacking in my wardrobe, and so in desperate need of a few key winter pieces I've been searching for my own "scandi" style. Hopefully it will help me streamline my wardrobe and make me try new things.

As well as introducing me to different clothes that I may never think about wearing, it's also a good foot-in-the-door for the 70s comeback that's rumbling through the fashion magazines this season. Almost all of what I've seen reminiscent of the 1970s has definitely not been to my taste: flares and clogs are something I just can't see myself getting on board with. However, I have recently purchased a corduroy dungaree dress and a mustard yellow polo neck jumper, so maybe I'll be kicking it in platforms yet.

Every time I look in my wardrobe I always notice a severe lack in the way of good quality basics that I can dress up or down. I impulse buy things like dresses (by the bucket-load) which are great, but for someone without a buzzing social calendar, my flashier pieces don't get a good airing. However, instead of rushing to the tills, if I took the time to save my money and think, I may be able to leave the shops with a couple of really nice, simple items, like a nice shirt or jumper and maybe a smart pair of trousers which I know I can wear endlessly.

Quality is key where this style is concerned: a pause from favourable bright colours and interesting cuts and instead a wardrobe detox of refined silhouettes, a neutral colour palette and luxurious fabrics do all the talking. It's decadent without looking outrageous, it's pure comfort and it's malleable: a pop of colour amongst a wash of neutral colours adds intrigue and personality to an outfit, but if colour isn't your thing there's nothing more sophisticated than a carefully considered colour scheme. To me, scandi-style is all about effortless dressing, but also feeling good. It's having that quiet confidence of knowing you'll turn heads without having to dial up the saturation on the colour palette. If you can make a pair of camel culottes make you feel like you've just stepped out in a showstopping gown, I reckon you're doing it right.

PS. If you want more about scandi-style, look no further than ASOS White (one of my personal favourite lines) and Hallhuber (a fabulous German brand found in a lot of House of Fraser stores)

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