Why Knee High Boots Are Your New Best Friend

Firstly, I'd like to say hello for the first time in 2015 and also the first time in a long time. Sorry for the incredibly long absence since my last post, life seems to have taken hold in the last few months. With my upcoming GCSEs it's no surprise that my posts are sporadic but I'll try and get a grip on it.

More important than my apologies however, is the need for a pair of knee-high boots in your collection. I'm sure you've heard from every magazine on the stand by-now how knee-high and thigh-high boots are having a moment. However, unless you are Olivia Palermo/have Olivia Palermo's legs/have Olivia Palermo's bank account, thigh-high boots are tricky, which is where knee-high boots really prove their worth. 

Whereas thigh-high boots offer a uniquely sophisticated look, you're extremely limited as to how you want to wear them: skinny jeans or not at all. Knee-high boots may not scream femme-fatale like their taller, slinkier counterparts, but they are comfortable, versatile and more affordable as well as being more widely available in different styles and colours. From classic black biker boots adorned in antique gold buckles to tan cowboy boots to rich brown riding boots, there is a pair on the shelves that would go just right with your new dress or is exactly what your go-to outfit has been lacking.  Not to mention they make your calves look amazing. Talking from new-boots perspective, as soon as I've pulled the zip up my calves feels like they've been streamlined. Their feelgood factor alone is worth the investment.

Personally, I purchased a pair of purple-tinged brown riding-style boots from Office in the autumn, albeit nervously, as I was unsure as to what on earth I'd wear them with. They've never really fitted into my personal style, but a good pair of boots is never out of place in a winter wardrobe, regardless of the trends at the time. I took the plunge, the sale price was a factor, and me and my feet have never looked back.

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