September Faves

At least September's over now. The first month of school is done, now life can begin to return to normal and autumn can settle so I can finally start donning cardigans 24/7. The end of September also means that my birthday will soon be upon me. But I digress...


Possibly the best thing I've ever bought in my life. Ever since Burberry's A/W show where they showcased their amazing cashmere blankets I have lusted after one. I've seen them adorned with so many different initials: RHW, CJD, SW, OP, SJP etc and each and every time I wanted one even more. The colours, the pattern, the style, everything. Initially I was after one I found in New Look for £15.99 which was a similar style but was a red and blue tartan-check. Anyway, long story short it was out of stock and I was about to give up on the search for the blanket coat, when I stumbled into Zara by chance looking for a pair of boots. There was just one, strewn across a rail in a cluttered shop. I didn't even hesitate to try it on in front of the mirror. The most miraculous part of it was that it was almost identical. Ok, so it's not cashmere, it's not monogrammed and the colours are slightly different, but it's near enough a perfect dupe and for about £870 less than it's designer counterpart. For someone who rarely looks in Zara, I'll be sure to pop in more often now.


Wow. I went to see this the other day with a friend when school finished early and we were so excited! Without giving too much away, it's about an exclusive society established at Oxford in the 1700s which is dedicated to rowdy boys who enjoy drinking, taking drugs, eating and partying in excess. It's full of ridiculous rituals, outrageous initiations and some pretty disgusting behaviour. Perverse and twisted, it's embittering as all of these lads are so filthy-rich and privileged that they can pretty much get away with it. It's definitely a film that challenges social classes and raises some pretty posing questions, even if it is quite exaggerated. The best part though? Douglas Booth. This Burberry star certainly puts his model good-looks to good use!


This was only a sample I got in Elle but I used it one day and I was so pleasantly surprised. I find it really difficult to find foundation and now that winter is approaching, I'll probably start wearing it more often. The only base I've ever truly loved is Benefit's Big Easy but I haven't bought that yet purely just because of the price so this one was a revelation to me. It's Max Factor, so it's a bit more purse-friendly, and is like silk. Before I'd even blended it in I noticed that it was really soft and lightweight, and the formula is really smooth and opaque, so it just glides on the skin and blends with ease. Once it was on my face, it made my skin look flawless. It covered up a small spot I had so well that I forgot that it was even there in the first place, and my skin was glowing. I'm definitely going to buy one of these in the near-future, it's the best foundation I've found so far.

I'd like to apologise for a) the lack of photos b) the tardiness of this post and c) my absence lately. I've been SWAMPED with work lately

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