Call me biased, but London Fashion Week is always my favourite. Maybe it's because it's on home soil so there's more excitement closer to home, I don't really know, I just think out of all of the fashion weeks it's London that seems to showcase some of the most exciting clothes. London seems to be the place where designers are unafraid to be wacky and a little bit extra and I just love being able to see the new faces on the landscape of British design.

Burberry Prorsum was a star-studded affair, as always, and not just on the catwalk, but Cara, Kate and Mario Testino were spotted snapping a cheeky selfie on the FROW. I'm going to take this opportunity to mention just how much I adored Cara's outfit for this show. It was pure Scandi chic with a feminine edge. In case you didn't see it (where have you been? It's all Vogue and ELLE could talk about) here it is:

Photo from Google

I just wish I could rock a pair of trainers with a suit as well as she does. Right from the red pout to the monogrammed handbag, I personally thought she nailed it.

However, what was actually paraded down that catwalk was clearly the most important part of the show. And I was not disappointed. By far my favourite model of now has to be Suki Waterhouse. I think she is undoubtedly gorgeous with a brilliant taste in music to boot! In my opinion, she is an ideal Burberry model.

Photo from official LFW website
I absolutely loved this piece too. There were so many dresses on that catwalk that I could easily have picked: the fabrics and the colours were calling out to me. Burberry has to be one of my favourite fashion brands because they always seem to get the balance right, and they manage to get me hankering after their things more than any other. I vouch to one day own a monogrammed Burberry blanket coat, no matter how long it takes...

However, as much as I usually love London Fashion Week, I have to say that Milan Fashion Week has the edge for me so far. What I've seen I've loved, not just in terms of the clothes, but the make up too.

Photos from Daily Mail website

I am aware that this is Cara again, but these photos are a perfect reminder of why we love Fendi so much. The eyeliner was so incredible that I can see myself testing it out on myself sometime soon and never having the confidence to wear it outside the house. Still, it's a gem to admire. Then there's the hair and accessories which I think was a stroke of genius. I love what Cara has in her ponytail, it's perfectly bold and quirky and one of the best things I've seen come out of any of the fashion weeks so far. And then there's the dress itself: a classic sixties shift with a fabulous print. So far, Fendi is a firm favourite.

One final MFW bonus: Gabbana's love letter to Dolce. Read it and weep, literally.

What's your favourite fashion week so far? Who's walked the best show in your opinion?

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