Let There Be Lipstick

It's Autumn which means the bold lip has returned (for me at least).

Now I know I said I'd be braving bold lips over in Ibiza - which I did, I promise - but it was mostly my trusty Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender or my bright, tangerine coloured No. 7 Gay Geranium that I sported over there. Now that the weather's getting colder I feel like it's almost the right time to start getting some proper use out of my favourite: MAC Russian Red. 

I know red is a colour for all seasons but Russian Red somehow didn't seem right for summer. It's not like Ruby Woo in terms of it's quite a bit darker, offering a slightly more crimson colour than a fabulous 1950s red. Because of it's darker hue I've been saving it up for winter like a squirrel gathering its nuts ready for hibernation season (weird metaphor?) so I'm practically bursting at the seams to start wearing it again.

MAC Russian Red
I was going for that whole smudged red lipstick look that everyone's harping on about. It definitely was not hastily applied in the bathroom this evening. Sadly, this picture really doesn't do it justice, it's pretty bad

I do have my eye on a couple of other shades though of course. Illamasqua's Virgin Glamore Lipstick definitely looks like the aforementioned shade of 1950s glam my make-up bag has been lacking (find a full review of it here on The Sunday Girl's blog). As well as that, some of you may remember me acquiring an Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick Minx in a beauty box which is a sort of brown-toned shimmering pink.
 It's quite dark and dramatic, a sort of cowardly girl's version of MAC's Rebel (which my friend Hannah can pull off so well it makes me a bit jealous) so if you've been keeping a beady eye on MAC's collaboration with Lorde or the upcoming "modern Victorian" trend, and if you're not quite ready to start swatching scary tones of purple up and down your arm, then I'd say your best bet is to buy this Illamasqua shade and team immediately with some chunky black boots and lace. You can thank me later.

MAC Russian Red and Illamasqua Glamore Minx lipstick
Russian Red and Minx

Illamsqua's Minx Glamore Lipstick

What I'm really after though is a nice, bright shade of pink. I don't think I could pull of a fuchsia colour but a sort of red-pink would be quite a nice change for me. I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled over the next few months.

What's your favourite lipstick shade for the autumn/winter season?

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