It never ceases to amaze me how fashion week is always 2 seasons ahead. It's the truth that fashion never sleeps, and I love being able to take a peek into the inspiration for my future wardrobe. Kicking off in New York as usual, I thought I'd share some of my favourite Fashion Week ideas.

altuzarra blue gingham dress nyfw s/s 2015 c/o british vogue
c/o British Vogue Facebook
This stunner of a dress was showcased at the Altuzarra show and I saw it on both Vogue's Facebook page and Daisy Lowe's instagram. I absolutely adore this piece, it may not be the usual stand-out cacophony of colours, textures and fabric that we're used to seeing on the catwalk, in fact it's fairly easy-wearing, but regardless I think this is a beautifully crafted piece. It's a fresh take on pale colours for s/s and a nice change to pastels. The gingham gives it a youthful, carefree vibe whilst the belt, neckline and sleeves keep it rooted firmly away from looking like school uniform. The pale blue and white really bring out the golden skin of the model, and I love the way her make up is done. It's barely there make up, just giving the impression of good grooming without looking heavily done-up. Instead she looks effortlessly chic. This dress caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I'd wear it myself if I could afford it.

diane von furstenberg monochrome dress nyfw s/s 2015 c/o british vogue
c/o British Vogue Facebook
It was difficult to choose just one piece from the Diane Von Furstenberg show this time around, but I ultimately chose this piece as my favourite because I love the contrasting patterns. The mixture of delicate florals and checks gives it a feminine style but without being twee. By sticking to a monochrome colour scheme, this dress can get away with mixing two different patterns and playing with textures because it doesn't look overcrowded. The fabric tied as a belt around the waist breaks up the look and I think this dress looks like a really beautiful item of clothing, offering a fresh purity to the next s/s season. I also think that Kendall's make up is a perfect match to this outfit: it's fresh sophistication that doesn't overpower the strength of the dress. (What a star line-up of models in the DVF show this year as well!)

tommy hilfiger red and black dragon t-shirt dress dress nyfw s/s 2015 c/o british vogue
c/o British Vogue Facebook
Personally, I think Tommy Hilfiger has outdone himself this time. The show was super fun and I instantly fell in love with the catwalk. I love that catwalk fashion has turned a corner and become more light-hearted in its shows as I think it makes the clothes seem a lot more accessible and a lot less intimidating. But I digress. Again, it was difficult to choose just one piece from this show but I think this t-shirt dress offers something really different to the usual s/s clothes. It may also be because she's the daughter of a rock god, but Georgia-May is rocking this look too. This outfit is dark and edgy without appearing too dense and stuffy for the hot weather. My favourite thing about it is the ombre from dark black to bold red and the different qualities the colour changes seem to offer to the fabric. The amazing dragon motif in the centre is a complete winner in my eyes: it's eye-catching, it's intricate and it stands out from the background of the dress. I adore how this dress seems to encapsulate rock 'n' roll glam, oriental opulence and twinkling galaxies in one piece. Of course the make-up once again compliments this dress, amping up the coolness with defined eyes and killer contouring.

desigual bold tropical floral shirt and trousers nyfw s/s 2015 c/o desigual españa
c/o Desigual España Twitter
I didn't even know Desigual had a show at NYFW. Desigual has been one of my favourite brands for years now and so as soon as I found out that they did have a show, of course I watched it. I am crazy about how original and unique each piece from Desigual is, and this outfit in particular was a stand out for me. This Ibizan brand definitely never has any issue on delivering clothes with bold prints and striking colours, so this outfit is a definite showstopper. This is another show which proved just how fun fashion can be, not just because of the clothes, but the attitudes of the models. If there was a model perfect for Desigual, it would be Chloe Norgaard, who is definitely working it in this outfit. The colour scheme of the outfit is brilliant for summer, especially for holidays abroad, because the tropical florals mixed with sea-blue hues just scream summer holiday. Desigual has offered us up a fresh new twist on the co-ord trend we've been seeing so much of on the high street. It shows co-ordination but still also shows the two separate pieces by mixing in a few extra patterns and embroidery. I'd also like to know where these models got their floral headdresses from because I am crushing on them right now!

These are just a few of my favourite pieces from NYFW so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what the major fashion-houses have in store for us this week, and roll on the other three Fashion Weeks! What are you thinking about NYFW so far? What have your favourite shows been?

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