Gone Girl (In More Ways Than One...Girl)

So this is a different sort of post from the usual, so I will get back to it soon I promise. I just enjoyed this book so much that I feel like I had to do a review of it.

If you haven't read it yet, I recommend you do. If you enjoy a good thriller: read it. But saying that, it's so much more than a thriller. The characters are so vivid and it truly is a real page-turner. I read it in 3 days, that just goes to show how addictive it is. Somehow it manages to keep your attention throughout the whole book, without giving confusing amounts of details or ridiculous plot twists.

If you haven't read this book yet, are planning to read this book, are halfway through reading this book or are going to see it at the cinemas, do NOT continue reading this post. It does contain spoilers.

Ok I warned you.

So basically, I had heard such rave reviews of it from different sources, so I decided to give it a try over my holiday. And I am so glad I did. It's written in alternate chapters: one written by the husband of the missing woman, the other a diary entry from the missing woman. I spent the entire of the first half of the book despising Nick, thinking he was a horrible husband, a cheat and my hatred grew more and more with each chapter. Amy was such a loving wife. However, I never quite believed that he killed or kidnapped her: that just wouldn't have made for a book that was so raved about.

Once I reached the second half of the book, my opinions shattered. Once I discovered about the "Diary Amy" persona, I knew she was crazy. And I don't mean angry or slightly off, I mean full-on psychotic. It made for a fantastic twist, and it was really interesting reading about how she managed to pull it all off. Once Nick had discovered her treachery too, the plot thickened. Needless to say it was a thoroughly interesting plot with a frustrating finish (but c'mon, you know this. If you've read this book, you know you've been there)

It really does give a completely different meaning to the original title eh?

I went on IMDB to check out the film details and was so excited to see, not only Ben Affleck as the lead (a brilliant choice in my opinion) but the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is playing the part of Desi Collings. I never knew it until I saw it, but Desi Collings was created for NPH. I can just tell that he's going to play it with just the right amount of style, flamboyance and sickening obsession. I do love Neil Patrick Harris, but I think it would be difficult for even the biggest NPH critic to argue that he wouldn't bring a unique, true-to-book quality to the role.

That's my thoughts on Gone Girl. You can read that I enjoyed it so much in my August Faves post here. What did you think of the book? Was it worth the hype? Do you think it will translate as well on to film or do you think it will ruin it for you? Have you read any more of Gillian Flynn's novels and how do they compare to this bestseller?

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