Holiday Wishlist

In a month's time I will be sitting on deck somewhere in the middle of the ocean trying to sun myself out of my pale ginger stupor. However, before I can become too emotionally invested in that I need to complete my summer shopping list with these last few items.

ASOS River Island sun visor

Although I found this on ASOS, this oversized visor is made by River Island. Despite originally lusting after a large beach hat, I think this visor is a really cute twist on what I was imagining and would be perfect when stopping off at ports such as Villefranche and Genoa. I love the print on the tie fabric and I think this would be perfect for my holiday.

River Island halter neck bikini

Another River Island gem that I am definitely determined to get my hands on. I adore this print and the contrast between the tropical pattern and sports luxe edging is very similar to that of Elie Saab's S/S 15 collection- which I adored immensely when I saw it on the runway. As a self-confessed bikini addict and a huge fan of Elie Saab, being able to afford such a beautiful dupe is the summer version of when I found the Burberry-esque blanket in Zara before Christmas.

Sweaty Betty yoga sweatpants
These yoga sweatpants from Sweaty Betty not only look fantastically comfortable but would be perfect for the cruise as I am intending on taking part in many yoga classes on the ship, for which I definitely need appropriate trousers. As well as yoga classes, there's a gym and loads of other sports courts and classes so if I need one thing for the cruise it's sportswear.

Etsy triangle cartilage ring
This quirky lil triangle earring from Etsy is just one of many earrings that I've got my eyes on at the moment. I got my cartilage pierced just before exams and soon I'll be able to change it and when I do, I want to buy as many of these sorts of things as possible. At the moment I've got a stud but for summer I definitely want to buy some gold rings.

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