See what I did there? Don't say I'm not witty. As you can tell, I recently had a bit of a mad spree in Solihull to get the last of my summer clothes bought and locked down (2 weeks until we travel down to Southampton for the big cruise!) In the 6 hours we spent in Solihull we didn't manage to visit all of the shops that Touchwood, the shopping centre, had to offer which is a shame because there really are so many fantastic shops there. I guess this just means that I owe the town another visit!

French Connection denim shorts

French Connection denim shorts

French Connection is fast growing into one of my favourite shops, despite the heftier-than-my-normal  price tag attached. These shorts however, I got in the sale. £27 for a perfect fit. Can't say fairer than that. My 501 cut-offs, though dearly loved, are disintegrating into rags and in all honesty I think a high-waisted, longer-legged, cuffed pair of denim shorts are not only more fashionable at the moment but definitely more flattering for my body shape- as disappointing as that is for my psyche. And who doesn't love nabbing a bargain in the sale? These shorts weren't on my shopping list but it's common knowledge that a good pair of denim shorts are never amiss in any summer capsule wardrobe.

H&M jersey vest tops, crop top, striped bandeau top and crochet wasitcoat

H&M jersey vest tops in khaki and black and a navy and white bandeau top

H&M black tie crop top with crochet waistcoat

H&M is never normally a shop I pay much attention to as I never tend to find anything in there for me. However, when it comes to summer time it's hard to turn down their cheap basics and occasional hidden gems. Another positive when it comes to H&M is that when you end up buying five tops it comes to less than £40. The crochet style waistcoat will be perfect for when I go to V Festival next month as it fits in perfectly with the stereotypical festival style, and the trend du jour, of 1970s bohemia. As for the other tops, their simplicity is perfect for fuss-free days lounging by the pool and beyond as well as lending themselves to interesting and patterned bottoms- something I'm now starting to branch out into.

Me wearing a black Topshop wide brimmed sunhat

It's not the River Island visor that I posted about here but it is something arguably more versatile and just as useful for summer. I have been determined to acquire one of these type of hats for the cruise, partly because I am as fair as fair can get and I need all the help I can get to stop myself from burning and partly because I have frequently fantasised about sitting sipping iced tea in a stereotypically French café in the Riviera, gazing over at the blue sea sporting a wide-brimmed hat in an Audrey Hepburn style. But you know, it's mostly the first thing.

Hollister black and white floral t-shirt with sporty neckline

Another top buy in the sales, reduced from nearly £30 to only £16.99 and it comes with the unmistakable scent of Hollister. The more I see the floral/sporty design on the high street, the more I love it. As with the River Island bikini (which I finally splurged for btw) it's that wonderful mixture of floral patterns with a sports luxe edge which apparently is becoming a new favourite of mine. This t-shirt will see me safely into pre-fall when I come back off holiday when paired with skinny jeans and I dare say will make itself comfortable in my wardrobe for next season as well.

River Island white shirt with laser cut detail

River Island jersey trousers in red floral and khaki pattern

I have been an incredibly loyal customer to River Island recently, firstly with the purchase of my bikini and now with a substantial haul consisting of a top, two pairs of trousers and a pair of sunglasses. What's more is that the red, floral pair of trousers was another sale steal costing me a mere £15. These trousers were needed for the long travel down to Southampton as well as the potentially chilly nights as we sail away from Britain. Not just this though, they will go immensely well with my new H&M tops and for the first time in my life I am finally investing in some decent jersey trousers for the summer. As for the white top, it wasn't strictly on my list but I fell in love with the laser cut detail and shift shape and I just know I'll be able to put it to good use over the coming months.

New Look white lace floral crop top with 90s neckline

New Look white lace floral crop top with 90s neckline

Strictly not part of the Solihull haul but instead purchased from town for me by my mother. She loves it when I wear white lace tops and I have recently discovered my love for 90s necked crop tops after purchasing a black one from ASOS last week. As my ASOS top would probably be too hot for me to wear on the cruise, this was a very thoughtful spot by my mom as it promises to be light and airy but still in the shape which I am currently crushing on.

I would definitely recommend to everyone to visit Solihull as there are loads of great shops and lovely places to eat, including a pretty cool juice bar called Joe & The Juice (Avo Shake encouraged).   Hope you enjoyed this rather long blog post. Let me know how your summer shopping is going in the comments.

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