Welcome to The Ginger Ambition

Welcome to the The Ginger Ambition! After a few weeks of being unhappy with the naming and altogether image and branding of my blog, I have renamed it. The Ginger Ambition provides the same sort of content: fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but the new layout promises to deliver higher quality posts and hopefully a more enjoyable experience for you. I hope to take this blog further and put a lot more effort into it and now that I have reached a point that I am happy with I look forward to creating some interesting new content for the blog.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, formerly Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, then I thank you so much for your continued readership as it means so much to me, especially as a relatively new and very small blog, as every hit counts and matter to me immensely. If you are a new reader, please browse my previous blog posts and leave as many comments as you wish. I hope you enjoy this blog and continue to enjoy it as I try to take it to new strengths.

To show your support for this blog you can easily like The Ginger Ambition on Facebook and follow it on Bloglovin. As well as this you can follow me on Instagram (@ginger_harri) and Twitter (@HARRI4EVEREVER) and contact me any time on my email harricorns@gmail.com with any enquiries regarding The Ginger Ambition. All my details can be found under the Contact page.

Thanks again for all your support and welcome to the birth of The Ginger Ambition.

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