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#squadgoals at Pizza Hut

If you happened to be at Pizza Hut Bentley Bridge last night, I apologise. Sophia's (the peace-signing, denim clad chica next to yours truly) birthday (today actually if you wanna hit her up at @SophiaRauhl on twitter) meant that we all enjoyed an evening of gorging ourselves on carbs. One thing that Georgia, Marisa, Sophia, Ashleigh and Georgie all took pleasure in telling me was that I never write about them. So I am now.

Me in a pair of Quay sunglasses and a paisley shirt

I assume that Sophia would want me to give her photo credits on the "Vogue" photo of me (shameless self-promotion wearing my Urban Outfitters paisley shirt and Sophia's Quay sunglasses)

Georgia fixing my hair over the dinner table. Sophia creeping

#squadgoals at Pizza Hut. Squad on point

So what do you need to know about squad? Nothing to be honest, but to keep them happy I'm going to divulge some information:
  • Georgia bought her beautiful bohemian shirt from Topshop (and also wore it to V Festival). She has a hamster called Barbara and her favourite charity is Water Aid @Georgia1Bart
  • Marisa's equally as beautiful and just as bohemian shirt is one that I can't find online. She hates cheesy bites (as we found out last night) but that's pretty much the only food she hates @_marisa02
  • Sophia was donning a much anticipated denim jacket from Topshop Although her birthday is today,  we celebrated it yesterday because she had an Eid party. If you do end up following her on twitter, you'll eventually learn that Callum Hood from 5SOS once called her pretty @SophiaRauhl 
  • Ashleigh's very exciting jeans (you can't see them very well but they were exciting) I also can't find anywhere. She is the scientist of the group and has a better social life than the rest of us (fact) @ashmorgan20 
  • Georgie's beautiful jacket is probably a state secret as we don't really know where it came from, but we do know that it is a genuine work of art, as you can quite clearly see. She is the truest film-buff I've ever met and got a shiny black Vauxhall Corsa for her birthday @GeorgieeeB 
If you love Topshop as much as me and my friends (and let's face it, pretty much any female) do and want to find any of the pieces I've mentioned, check out MyVoucherCodes for their 20% off Topshop offer for students!

This was a change in the schedule of my blog posts- more fashion week updates coming soon! 

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