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If you weren't already well aware (you may be a new reader or you may just not pay very much attention- I can relate) I didn't receive an invitation to London Fashion Week (or New York Fashion Week for that matter). For the purposes of my ego we'll assume it got lost in the post. However, whilst I may not be able to relate to the the fashionably busy Fashion Week posts of +Man Repeller, I am a fiercely loyal armchair spectator of as many fashion week shows as I can manage to catch the live stream of and as such, I have my own, albeit less stressful, routine when fashion week season rolls around.

First of all I think we should all show a bit of love for the new LFW website because, as this website is my only foot in the door of fashion week, it makes my life so much easier. Secondly, I think we should all show a bit of love for the talent we've seen so far (FELDER FELDER and Holly Fulton anyone?) As you may or may not know, LFW is my favourite of all the fashion weeks and there's nothing I love more than catching up on all the shows I've missed while I was at school, especially some of the homegrown British talent.

So whilst the big-name bloggers, fashion editors and starlets are busy cab-hopping, street-styling and probably getting stuck in awful traffic en route to their FROW seat, I've probably just put the kettle on and am getting changed out of my school uniform immediately into my pyjamas. I always take care to check the schedule for the rest of the day and the next before I start streaming (I have to arrange my homework around something, y'know). Time to take stock: blanket, green tea, mobile (for twitter purposes of course) and notepad and pen. Everything I need for the live stream. In my opinion, I have the best seat in the house.

My favourite live stream so far has been Preen by Thornton Pregazzi because, from the laptop perspective, the finale was incredible to watch. Being able to see the models walking from all angles, all at the same time, without having to peer in between the shoulders of those in front or crane my neck is one of the redeeming features of the live stream. To misquote Nick Carraway "Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window laptop screen".

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