China 2015 // Xi'an

Apologies once again for my sporadic posts. It's the same old excuse: A Levels.

However, part 2 of my adventure in China almost a month ago was in Xi'an, which took an overnight sleeper train to get to from Beijing. This was an amazing and underrated part of the trip, visiting the Big Wild Goose Pagoda firstly, which was a magnificent Buddhist temple. The sunny weather helped a lot of course. As well as this we saw a Tang Dynasty show in the evening, which showcased some amazing singing, dancing, musical instruments and breathtaking costume. The added bonus of this show was our first dessert course in China as well as popcorn and ice cream: our Western bodies were suffering withdrawal.

The day after our first day in Xi'an was my birthday!! Unfortunately for me, Ashleigh and I were incredibly late waking up in time and so in my rush to get ready, I kicked my suitcase as I ran across the room which dislocated my little toe. I spared the gruesome pictures of the funny angle and purple bruise, but it wasn't until I'd done a full day of walking in very tight plimsolls that we discovered it was dislocated. Although it was my birthday, and the day that we went to see the Terracotta Army, I was in a lot of pain all day, struggling to walk up the masses of stairs that led up to the ancient city walls. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic day, because I'd sooner have a broken toe in China than a broken toe back home.

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