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One of the only upsides of being ill (besides homemade chicken soup and watching Modern Family all day) is the fact that mom almost always come home from work with a fashion magazine. This illness (a cold at the end of June?! Please...) brought me Glamour magazine and with it came the much coveted Eyeko Skinny Liner free!

Eyeko Skinny Liner

Eyeko Skinny Liner MOR Lip Sorbet

I know it sounds sad but just the box alone is cool, though I'm a sucker for bright blue. I've never tried an Eyeko product before but I've been meaning to for a while, not least because of the ties to Queen Alexa. I just thank God that mom came home with the black instead of the navy, I'm just not brave enough to try out that, even if it's not a particularly bold colour.

Eyeko Skinny Liner

Eyeko Skinny Liner Nib

Eyeko Skinny Liner Swatch

Now the box boasts of its pigmentation and staying power, which is always a plus when it comes to liquid liner, but whether that's the case is another story. One thing the box is right about is how easy it is to apply: as a product it looks brilliant, the silver finish on the product definitely adds and expensive touch and the nib is soft enough not to tug around the eye area but firm enough that you can draw precise lines and flicks.
From the swatch you can see that it is quite a pigmented colour, although not the blackest black. However, this did mean me going over the line twice to get this colour, though this could be because it was the first use. It did apply nicely and evenly though, and even after washing my hand with water, it still didn't budge all that much, so staying power it definitely has.

What other Eyeko products are worth a try? Does anyone swear by this liner?

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