Hey there Autumn...

It's still summer so I'm a little miffed that everything is turning new season already, even if I am deliciously excited about seeing all the new clothes. However if, like me, you're pretty much raring to go and sort out your new season wardrobe, but can't afford a new Cara Mulberry handbag or that pair of knee-high Christian Louboutin boots (sigh) then you need some help sourcing the designer pieces you love and you know you need without the four figure price tag. This is where I hope to help. After reading through what I can only describe as a mountain of pages between the covers of both Elle and Vogue, there have been standout pieces which you can just tell are going to be the big-hitters when Autumn and Winter inevitably do come. But how and where do they filter on in the high street?

The knee-high boots
These will be everywhere. When it comes to boots this season the rule is knees or higher ladies (except in special circumstances where the Chelsea boot is still firmly sticking). The heels are mostly flat or with a small amount of height: anything from riding-style boots to thigh-high. Whilst the likes Laurence Dacade, Kurt Geiger and Saint Laurent have some tempting offerings, it's just not a realistic expectation for me. However, all you need to do is head over to ASOS and you are faced with a multitude of offerings ranging from the Kurt Geiger (£187.50 in the sale) to the New Look (£34.99). And that's not all: this new season is all about colour schemes of kaleidoscopic proportions, primary colours galore, as well as an expanse of experimental textures. What this means is that you don't have to feel obliged to order a pair of bog-standard black leather knee-highs, but you can go wild with bright red suede (teamed with a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans and you're on to another winner), bright metallics or even crocodile. Let your imagination run wild. Just because the weather will be dull, doesn't mean your footwear has to follow suit.

The mini skirt
Moving on from the 70s and 90s influences of this summer, fashion is back to the sixties where style (sort of) began. And aside from the other 1960s tailoring you'll be seeing in the next few months, the most iconic piece of that era is returning as the knee-high boots' partner in crime. The mini skirt is back and I can see it working so well with the other key trends of A/W. This skirt really demands bare legs (just when you thought the season of shaving was over: think again) which can be just plain impractical in the winter. Fear not: like I said, this skirt is crying out for a pair of 'knees-or-higher' boots, meaning that the only flesh needing to be shown is the few inches between the skirt's hem and the boots' top. Wear it underneath a long, ankle-grazing A line coat to finish the look and also keep you warm while you're braving bare skin. There are no rules when it comes to this skirt, no specific colours, patterns or a fabrics, just the cut. Keep it short and sweet and experiment with denim, knits, leather or anything that you think works for you.

The parka
Practicality and style all in one toasty package. Staying with the 60s theme you can choose whether to channel your inner mod with a pair of skinny jeans and a smart haircut or follow in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld in his quest for everyday functionality becoming fashionable. Either way, the parka you bought last autumn is once again making an appearance. Parka traditionalists, like myself, would like to keep it classic with military green, (faux) fur lined hood and a fishtail back. For those of you who prefer to mix it up a bit, it's no difficult challenge to wander onto the high street and see the hundreds of different takes on the parka: from navy blue to brown, from fur-lined hoods to suede, there is bound to be a new season fresh take on the parka. Shops like Bank, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island and ASOS will all be stocking the parka. Short, long, floral, waterproof, zip, buttoned, waterfall front or lightweight, there is a parka for everyone. Think of it as this season's kimono.

Even Liam Gallagher shakes up his parka game with a unique Union Jack one made specially by his label Pretty Green

The polo neck
Turtle neck, roll neck, polo neck, it's all the same. There is always a need for jumpers in the winter, and this season the polo neck is the alternative to the usual knitwear. Comfortable, warm, the polo neck isn't just practical, it's pretty too. This is another one that comes in too many colours, patterns and textures to count. It's harder to find these on the high street, but if you go searching throughout all the websites, all the sale racks and a vintage shop or two, you're bound to come out with one of these. They're being drip-fed into shops, possibly as we speak, and while cashmere is the preferred fabric of many, it is not the preferred fabric of my money and so an alternative definitely needs to be found. Once again, ASOS is probably the best place to head right now for different types of polo neck (even on dresses).

So enjoy the sun while you still can, and get those last few weeks of wear out of those pool sliders and that kimono you bought for summer but brace yourself for the looming trends of autumn.

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