The Power of Advertising

Maybe I'm blossoming into a deep-thinking lover of detail or maybe I've just been watching too much America's Next Top Model, but recently I have been paying more and more attention to the advertising campaigns I've been seeing in fashion magazines. As a regular defender of the 'excessive' advertisements in such magazines I have been known to spend at least an hour poring over the posing, lighting, make up and garments featured in these ads before I got to the good stuff, but recently this has developed into an even bigger attention to detail. Personally, I am a fan of the overuse of ads in fashion magazines as it gives people like me, a teenage girl with a minimal income, an opportunity to experience the quality they're selling: I may not have the money for a Prada handbag but I can afford the picture.

Dior Diorshow Mascara Ad Campaign

One advert that has been catching my eye recently is Dior's campaign for their Diorshow mascara. The muted colour palette and clean lines of the ad is so aesthetically pleasing to me that I can't help but look. There's something about such immaculate make up that is so satisfying, but equally as demoralising to those of us yet to blessed with a steady hand, that it demands attention. I often find that Dior's adverts always leave an impression such as the one a few years ago for Dior Addict It Lash. Admittedly, these mesmerising campaigns have yet to force my hand into my pocket to buy one of these products but this probably has more to do with the designer price tag attached to the product itself rather than a lack of temptation. Believe me, the temptation is very real.

Les Beiges Chanel Ad Campaign Featuring Gisele

We're no stranger to Gisele or the fact that you could plaster her face over any product and it would likely sell well. Following her anticipated Chanel No. 5 campaign directed by Baz Luhrmann it's no surprise that she starred on another ad for the fashion house, this time for a range of face powders in different shades focussing on soft, natural beauty. With such an esteemed model as Gisele and possibly the biggest fashion house in the world, the advert is the epitome of sophistication with a refined and luxurious quality to the otherwise pared back and attainable look of Chanel's natural beauty campaign. Nestled amongst elaborate, high-fashion spreads this advertisement really makes an impact to the readers of fashion magazines as its earthy accessibility serves as a real contrast to, say, the theatrical nature of recent Versace ads.

I think what both of these advertisements go to show is that advertising is a very powerful thing that can stick with you, sometimes even for years. The ads, much like the content of the fashion magazines themselves, present an opportunity to visualise and critique hotly anticipated products and high-end designers in a way which allows you to get to know the brand as well what they're selling. Do you agree? Leave a comment below telling me your thoughts and some of your favourite advertising campaigns over the years.

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