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As you may or may not know, GCSE results day was a couple of weeks ago (I hope you all did well) and following this stressful time for me, my mother and I spent a day in Birmingham having a bit of retail therapy and celebration. While we were there, I finally got around to getting my eyebrows done at Bobbi Brown, something which I had been meaning to do for some time.

Beauty Confession #1: I have never had anything done to my brows. I've plucked at strays at home and occasionally filled them in when I was going out, but up until recently I was not paying enough attention to them. Threading has never appealed to me and waxing seemed a step too far for a beginner. So when I found out about Bobbi Brown's eyebrow service I knew it seemed like the right step. To explain, it's £15 for the service which involves plucking and trimming to get the desired shape you want, before filling in and styling. On top of that, the £15 is redeemable against any product from Bobbi Brown, so it's a win-win. I opted for Bobbi Brown's eyebrow gel in Auburn which is what was used on me during the service and was only £16.50. I already regularly use Benefit's Brow Zings in light to fill in and define my brows but this new gel helps to create a better shape for me and keep the hairs in place.

Whilst we were in Birmingham we went for lunch at Wagamama, possibly my favourite place ever. My mom had never been there before so I thought it was about time she went. Excuse me while I get super excited because I really do love this place- over summer I made two visits in five days. If you've not been before, I urge you to go. If you have been before, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say it is incredible. Admittedly we did treat ourselves while we were there, we were celebrating after all, and we ordered two sides as well as our mountains of food. I always order a Clean Green juice to drink (kiwi, apple and avocado) as it is so fresh and delicious and always goes so nicely with the food, which on this particular visit consisted of a Beef Massaman curry and Chicken Gyoza for me and Chicken Katsu curry and Chilli Squid for my mom. All of it was so delicious and, initially I refused the offer, after the waiter twisted my arm about the Gyoza I was very glad that I ordered it- you should all try it.

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